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Introducing Barre Base’s 20-30 minute on-demand workouts. Move with strength and freedom, from the comfort of your home! Barre Base Anywhere offers a range of barre and mobility classes, from the comfort and convenience of your home.

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Workout on your watch

Now more than ever, creating a workout regime from home is vital for our overall wellness. Barre Base Anywhere gives you unlimited access to powerful and exciting barre training classes and mobility sessions — anywhere, anytime. 

For many, stepping inside a studio can be challenging. Perhaps you're a time-poor parent, work a busy schedule, or maybe you're a little apprehensive about what we offer. Our online studio means wellness is accessible for everyone — all from your safe space.

How it works
Videos Added Monthly

Barre Base Anywhere covers a range of our in-studio classes. From the classic barre class, yoga-inspired workouts, to our stretch and mobility sessions. New videos will be added regularly to ensure subscribers are kept on their toes!

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Monthly Pricing

$30 per month or,
$330 annual payment

Access to a full suite of barre workout and stretch sessions, with new videos being added monthly.