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Based in Dunedin, Barre Base is a light, bright and modern barre studio, offering barre, mobility and yoga-inspired classes.

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Barre Base Anywhere offers 20-minute barre and mobility classes, ensuring you can exercise anytime, anywhere. Try free for 7-days.

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Barre Base offers a range of bespoke sessions to cater to your individual goals and schedule.

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I love the message of caring and respecting our bodies. So many exercise programmes, boot camps and gyms feel like punishing our body. I love focusing on how we feel, being gentle and then feeling the warmth build as we work.

Melissa Bell

Barre Base's classes are tough and joyful. I love the intensity of the exercises and the way there’s no room for anything in my head except alignment, precise muscle work and getting through pulses. I’m stronger and more confident at 40+ than I was at 20! Barre is for everyone!

Mary McLaughlin

What I enjoy about Barre is that I get a great strength workout which is low impact and benefits my running. I also enjoy the stretching aspect of the class which is improving my mobility. I find it a great place to unwind at the end of the day.

Andrew Perry