Each client has a unique perspective on what exercise offers them. Here's what what our students love about Barre Base classes.

The Barre Base members are wonderfully diverse, which made me feel welcome as a 65+ member. I love to exercise but noticed I was losing confidence in a gym setting. The ballet barre offers me stability when exercising. It's like a handrail. I feel confident knowing the barre is there to hold me up, so I can really focus on pushing myself – especially on the days my balance is a little challenged.



I no longer need acupuncture to manage lower back and hip pain. I can sleep better, I don't get cramps in my legs anymore. I am mentally feeling better, it gives me a sense of strength that is priceless. If Barre Base disappeared tomorrow, the effect on my life would be huge. I keep coming back because it has become key to my everyday well-being and I notice the difference when I'm not going as much. Thanks so much Rosa and team. It is hard to quantify or express how much Barre Base benefits me.



I love the variety between the instructors and their styles of teaching. It's great to exercise in a non-competitive environment where you can just focus on your technique and your own improvements. I have noticed benefits in my posture, core and leg strength, which has helped with my other types of training. I have noticed a huge improvement in flexibility and very few injuries since starting barre.


Emily Morris

Barre Base's classes are tough and joyful. I love the intensity of the exercises and the way there’s no room for anything in my head except alignment, precise muscle work and getting through pulses. I’m stronger and more confident at 40+ than I was at 20! Barre is for everyone!


Mary McLaughlin

Barre Base teachers are encouraging, supportive and caring. The good mix of different classes got me hooked! Every class connects my body and mind again...I am strong but learning to let go at the same time. I am learning more about my body. My approach towards exercise has changed with Barre Base. I am able to really challenge myself, yet take care of myself, at the same time.


Petra Wink

Each teacher cares about helping you improve form and they do it in a fun and encouraging way. I love that there are so many different types of classes but they all complement each other. Always a beautiful and relaxing way to unwind after a workday.



Your classes this past year have been life-changing to be honest. Both physically, and in terms of dealing with my own mind chatter and giving back to myself. I have never stuck to something as much as I have with barre base. I have stepped foot more times in the studio in a year than I did at my local gym across 5 years. Thank you for creating such an incredibly welcoming space.



I love the message of caring and respecting our bodies. So many exercise programmes, boot camps and gyms feel like punishing our body. I love focusing on how we feel, being gentle and then feeling the warmth build as we work.


Melissa Bell

Barre Base Member

What I enjoy about Barre is that I get a great strength workout which is low impact and benefits my running. I also enjoy the stretching aspect of the class which is improving my mobility. I find it a great place to unwind at the end of the day.


Andrew Perry

I came for the strength work, but was surprised to develop more mobility through this strength training. It's supplemented my other training so well! I love Barre Base for the wonderful teachers and the ever-positive environment as well as the array of physical benefits.



Every single class, regardless of type, is challenging, varied and so beneficial for the body and mind! The teachers are very knowledgeable, passionate and encouraging - they push everyone to their limits, regardless of fitness level or skill. I have enjoyed numerous benefits since starting at Barre Base: improved muscle tone, fitness, strength, body and breath awareness and mental well-being. Barre Base is yet another one of Dunedin's hidden gems and I feel lucky to have found it.


Jo Nielson

My body feels strong, toned and flexible when I do barre regularly. It's really improved my running. My brain feels more agile and creative too. The teachers are kind and encouraging, yet also provide incredibly challenging workouts. I love that no two classes are the same.



Barre classes are a combination of physical exercise and mindfulness. You have to be completely present in the moment to hold the positions correctly and complete the reps. That results in a holistic workout that is so good for my well-being.


Susie McKeague

The Barre Base teachers are lovely and offer great variety. I love that I can come and do a sweaty Barre Base session and follow it up with a yoga flow, or come the day after an intense run and just stretch it out. It has also complimented my running immensely, particularly in my legs and my core strength. I love that the instructors take the time to explain each movement and its benefits and answer any questions.



I love the message of truly looking after yourself. I have gotten stronger physically but my mental health has improved. I feel strong, clear and inspired.



Barre Base is welcoming and non-scary. I always struggled with feeling out of place at the gym, but here I never do.