Our Team

At Barre Base, we are dedicated to providing you with a safe, supportive and peaceful environment to exercise in. Our classes are taught by knowledgeable and caring teachers who accommodate all ages and fitness levels. With a multitude of backgrounds and experience, each teacher integrates their unique skillsets and personalities with intelligent and fun sequencing, mindfulness and love.

Barre Base Instructor
Georgia O'Malley

Georgia O'Malley is an extremely talented dancer and netball player who has a passion for wellness. A scholarship level dancer, Georgia has a beautiful dance quality that she brings to her barre fitness classes.

Georgia has been involved in Barre Base since she was 16 years old, taking on a teaching role at age 19. 

Georgia finds barre to be an expressive way of exercising. She loves being able to focus on perfecting technique and adding a touch of dance flair to the movements, and for Georgia, this is what gives barre an edge over other forms of exercise.

We adore your energy, Georgia, and feel so inspired by watching you move with such grace and strength.

Barre Base, Yoga Barre Instructor
Phoebe Begg

Phoebe is a Dunedin local. She grew up dancing here in Dunedin and gained her Advanced Diploma in classical ballet and contemporary dance after 3 years at the National Theatre Ballet School in Melbourne. Phoebe then went on to dance professionally in Singapore and Thailand in 2011 and 2012. A love for fitness, Phoebe was a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for four years in London, teaching a range of different classes from legs, bums and tums to spin to athletic fitness to core classes and even a trampoline class!

She obtained her Yoga Alliance 200hr certificate in Bali in 2015, where she trained in the basics of Vinyasa Krama and studied the philosophical and historical roots of yoga.

What is great about Phoebe's classes is her use of words which allows you to focus in on technique in a deeper way, and in turn, giving you a powerful workout. Phoebe also has the best sense of humour, which adds an element of realness to all of her classes, especially when yoga can often be taken rather seriously. 

Barre Base Instructor
Toni Thomas

Toni began dance and performing on stage at 3 after falling in love with the musical ‘Annie’. She begged her grandma for tap lessons which soon led to dance competitions and local musicals. In more recent years, Toni has been performing at Disneyland Paris and onboard Disney’s Cruise Line.

Toni is our little pocket rocket, and is extremely strong. Her classes are fiery, fun and energetic! She is a talented dancer and aerial silk artist, and has a huge passion for functional strength that allows us to get more out of our lives, especially as we age.

Yoga Barre, Stretch Instructor
Hannah Day

Hannah is a hugely athletic person, being involved in rowing, cycling, running and swimming. She was exposed to yoga and stretching through these sports.

Hannah completed her 200hr YTT certificate in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga in May 2018 at Power of Now Oasis in Bali and have been sporadically teaching Vinyasa Yoga in Dunedin since then.

Hannah is passionate about sharing her love for the benefits of yoga and  mindfulness. Body and breath awareness is at the core of her teaching.

Yoga Barre, Stretch Instructor
Tess Rushton

Tess has a huge fitness background, so perfectly strikes the balance between incorporating strength work with stretch and relaxation into her teaching.

Tess has always lived an active lifestyle, running four half marathons and completing ultra-marathon hikes and bikes, including a 50 mile hike in under 24 hours! Tess found that yoga helped to complement her active lifestyle. Initially drawn to the physical aspects like most, Tess then learnt that yoga has deeper roots, and started to explore pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation and found them hugely helpful to her practice and general well being.

Tess's main yoga practice is Ashtanga, a rhythmic and dynamic set sequence. After practising this for a few years, she discovered Yin Yoga and found the slower and longer held poses to be particularly beneficial for body and mind. In 2018, Tess decided to take her YTT, specialising in Ashtanga and Yin at the Bristol School of Yoga. 

Tess has a powerful yet calming voice, and her ashtanga roots make for classes very dynamic.

Studio Owner, Barre Base, Stretch Instructor
Rosa Anderson - Jones

Rosa has been dancing for over 20 years, focusing mainly in Modern Jazz and Contemporary styles. In 2008 Rosa received her NZAMD teaching qualifications through her Elementary jazz examination. In 2013, Rosa gained her Solo Seal Diploma in Modern Jazz.

Rosa has a passion for teaching and encouraging people to move with strength and confidence. She believes exercise brings people together and is committed to creating a studio that caters for all ages and stages. 

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