At Barre Base, we're obsessed with the core. Almost everything we do requires you to think about how your deep core is activating, but also how it's relaxing. Here are a few ways you can strengthen your core. 
People work out for many different reasons. Be it to gain physical or mental strength, overcome fears, prevent further injury, to meet new people, or to simply escape their busy lives for an hour!
Pelvic floor dysfunction in women is hugely common — whether they’ve given birth or otherwise! It can develop from childbirth, incorrect exercise under load or ageing. But the good news is, there are numerous ways to strengthen and restore your pelvic floor.
The benefits of flexible and mobile extend to so many facets of life. But how do we get there? We need joint mobility and muscular flexibility.

Whether you had your last baby six months ago or six years ago, you know well the profound changes that pregnancy brings to our bodies. By the time you hold your sweet little one in your arms—regardless of how you gave birth—your body has already been through so much. And as if that wasn’t enough, somehow the journey of motherhood is only just beginning.

We get it, It can be hard to exercise in Winter. The cooler weather brings illness, the blues and hibernation. Yet, exercise provides the body with everything it needs to negate these winter blues.
All of a sudden, especially in fitness circles, we're hearing a lot about magnesium. People are now supplementing their bodies — but often they don't know exactly why. Here is the low-down on magnesium; what is is, and why some of us may need to add more to our diets.
This is such a pretty salad! It is fresh, healthy and very easy to make. This salad also travels well, so is great to take to picnics or to potluck dinners as the salad marinates in its dressing in time.
Over the last 20 years, the predominant mode of working has become computer-based in developed countries. This has resulted in many people spending their workday sitting. Sedentary roles are known to cause muscular-skeletal issues and mental fatigue.
In honesty, this salad was a 'get rid of my leftover veges from the week' salad. However, I was pleasantly surprised, not only by its resourcefulness but its taste! 
This raw beet and carrot salad is a staple in our household and is a salad that my mum has made since I was a child. With Manuka honey and apple cider vinegar in the dressing, it has endless health benefits aside from the veges themselves.
This is a great loaf to have in the cupboard for an afternoon snack, or post workout filler. It is full of fibre and is a great source of protein, all while getting a vege hit!

Recently we have been on the hunt for tasty recipes using carrots as the central ingredient! Because carrots are very easy to grow, they are affordable all year round and are therefore a fantastic vege to add to the weekly shopping list. Carrots contain beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant, are a great source of vitamin A!

Today I have spent more time experimenting with some different 'cup' flavours. Today's experiment was a 'bounty bar' cup!