“The body says what words cannot” – a famous quote from the mother of modern dance, Martha Graham. How we hold ourselves, how we move and how we breathe is so often a reflection of how we’re feeling – whether it is conscious or not.

Barre, yoga and movement gives us this chance to dedicate time to moving with and paying attention to our breath. It offers us an opportunity to put into practise the ways in which we can manage our breath amid challenge. 

Although widely known overseas, barre classes aren’t hugely understood here in Dunedin. Even after 6 years in the business, we know it can be tricky to try and explain to friends what we do. Here are a few ways you can tell your friends what Barre Base offers!

Our feet, which bear the weight of the whole body, allow for locomotion and undergo a lot of unconscious work. Still, they tend to be the least pampered area of the body! To better care for your feet and keep them strong and flexible, a daily foot massage is a fantastic option – and you can do this yourself with the right tools.

Shift work can be tough. It throws your sleep schedule off into oblivion, it can rob you of normal social hours to spend with your friends and family, and it can also make exercising feel challenging!
For anyone who has practised yoga for any amount of time, you know how much strain it can put on your wrists — especially if you’re new to the practice and are building up your wrist strength! Often the culprit is tightness and weakness in the forearms, and an inability to wake up the muscles of the hands.
We often say in class that the longer you come to Barre Base, the harder it becomes! Don’t be fooled, you’ll be getting fitter and stronger week to week, but you will also become savvier! Barre is conscious exercise — it requires mindfulness and attention to detail.
It's a little hard to know where to start this blog. And, as many of us know, life is not a linear journey. And like life, my writing does not follow a steady or linear trajectory either.

Over the years, Barre Base Dunedin has diversified its offerings to keep our members challenged, but also to ensure they're exercising holistically throughout the week. Here's a look at the different classes we offer at the studio.