Have you ever laid down on a massage tool and felt your entire body tense up and completely forgotten how to breathe? We discuss why less is more when it comes to self massage.
Most of us know that strength training can help build and maintain muscle mass and strength. However, what many of us don't know is that strong muscles lead to strong bones.
At Barre Base, our largest demographic is women between 40-65 years of age, and often they're seeking further support for their perimenopause/ menopause symptoms. This blog touches on why barre classes are fantastic for this stage of a women's life.
Join us every Friday at 6.30am, leaving from the Barre Base Studio, for either a 3 or a 5km run – all levels welcome.
Over the next three months you will see special classes and workshops dotted across our timetable. We wanted our spring timetable to be fresh and exciting, and help to keep our community motivated and supported.
Although we admittedly don't do a good job at advertising this, yes, many men come to the studio! Barre classes themselves are low impact strength classes that are fantastic for improving core strength, strengthening stabilising muscles and helping to improve posture. These benefits are required, and enjoyed, by men and women alike.
The reason barre is so well suited to a wide range of body types, ability and ages, is that it’s designed to be kind on the joints. In fact, Barre workouts are one of the first forms of exercise that Physical Therapists recommend to their patients after discharging them from physical therapy or physiotherapy rehabilitation.

“The body says what words cannot” – a famous quote from the mother of modern dance, Martha Graham. How we hold ourselves, how we move and how we breathe is so often a reflection of how we’re feeling – whether it is conscious or not.

Barre, yoga and movement gives us this chance to dedicate time to moving with and paying attention to our breath. It offers us an opportunity to put into practise the ways in which we can manage our breath amid challenge. 

Although widely known overseas, barre classes aren’t hugely understood here in Dunedin. Even after 6 years in the business, we know it can be tricky to try and explain to friends what we do. Here are a few ways you can tell your friends what Barre Base offers!