What our clients say

Each client has a unique perspective on what exercise offers them. Here's what what our students love about Barre Base classes.

I love the variety between the instructors and their styles of teaching. It's great to exercise in a non-competitive environment where you can just focus on your technique and your own improvements. I have noticed benefits in my posture, core and leg strength which has helped with my other types of training. I have also noticed a huge improvement in flexibility and very few injuries since starting barre.

Emily Morris

I love the message of caring and respecting our bodies. So many exercise programmes, boot camps and gyms feel like punishing our body. I love focusing on how we feel, being gentle and then feeling the warmth build as we work. There is clearly a high level of preparation for each class. I am always highly engaged and challenged, I leave feeling that my physical and mental health have benefitted. The instructors are incredible.... supportive, professional and welcoming.

Melissa Bell

Barre classes are a combination of physical exercise and mindfulness. You have to be completely present in the moment to hold the positions correctly and complete the reps. That results in a holistic 45mins to an hour of the day that is so good for my well being. Over time I have noticed my strength building in the muscle groups that were particularly weak like my upper body, shoulders and arms. My posture, balance, technical accuracy and stamina are all works in progress. I am inspired in every class by the absolutely delightful and skillful instructors. Their styles vary but they are consistently motivational, cheerful and gently encouraging of us to do our best. I am excited to see how much I can continue to improve. Thanks to the Barre team for all your hard work.

Susie McKeague

I have been enjoying Barre Base classes since the early days in the Kaikorai Hall. The teachers are excellent at explaining technique which helps to focus on, and engage your muscles to maximise the workout. I have found that the longer I have been doing Barre the harder it gets. I definitely noticed that I am more engaged with my core and this has improved my posture as well as my muscle tone. Music has always helped to motivated me with exercise and I enjoy the playlists that the Barre Base teachers use. The new studio works really well and there is now more flexibility to increase the times and frequency of the classes. The teachers are professional and the classes continue to be challenging as well as very enjoyable.

Marina Anderson

I come to barre because it’s giving me great muscle tone and strength and some more flexibility. I love it as it’s not high impact but is wonderfully demanding. It’s giving me my younger looking body back. Superb!

Michele Chin

As a working mother of three finding time and motivation to exercise was difficult until I started going to Barre Base. Barre Base classes are addictively challenging and I’m amazed at the improvement in my strength, posture and flexibility from attending just a couple of classes a week.

Caro Rowe

As soon as I walk in the door I feel good. It’s such a lovely studio space, filled with positivity. I love how each class is so different, no chance to get bored. It doesn’t appear to get easier, although you definitely get stronger (all over). The classes can be hard, but they are not hard on my body, just good for me. The teachers are brilliant at explaining the move &/or giving reminders and tips on how to do it, which can really make a difference. Plus with that, it means you’re only focused on the here and now. All other thoughts and stresses go away. Benefits have been a stronger core than I’ve had in years. Satisfaction in getting a certain move/pose, or pushing through to the end of a burn track. So strength (inside & out), posture, mindfulness, freedom to give it a go (& have a laugh if it doesn’t go so well), familiar faces, & having amazing teachers who come up with fantastic classes each week, & always feeling good when I leave - this is why I love Barre Base, and why I keep on coming back. I’m always gutted if I have to miss a class.

Emma Maguire

Barre Base's classes are tough and joyful. I love the intensity of the exercises and the way there’s no room for anything in my head except alignment, precise muscle work and getting through pulses. The Sweat class is hugely fun, with a cardio edge and some gorgeously ballet-adjacent moves that you don’t have to be a dancer to do. The teachers are warm and always push me to do my best - they see the potential and strength in all their students. And I’m stronger and more confident at 40+ than I was at 20! Barre is for everyone!

Mary McLaughlin

The classes really give me a time to just switch off from life and get in tune with my body. All the teachers are absolutely ace! I've become more flexible and feel so much stronger and aware of what's going on with my body - I even engage my core now when I sweep the floor at work now because of Barre Base. Love it!

Anna Poole

Barre Base is a beautiful, serene space, with warm and welcoming teachers who clearly love what they do. Everyone is made to feel special and that they belong. Every single class, regardless of type, is challenging, varied and so beneficial for the body and mind! The teachers are very knowledgeable, passionate and encouraging - they push everyone to their limits, regardless of fitness level or skill. I have enjoyed numerous benefits since starting 4 months ago: improved muscle tone, fitness, strength, body and breath awareness and mental well-being. Barre Base is yet another one of Dunedin's hidden gems and I feel lucky to have found it.

Jo Neilson

My first Barre base class was more challenging than I had expected but it left me wanting to more. I keep coming back due to the friendly staff and challenging and diverse workouts that complement well the adventure sports that I like doing.

Patrick Boudreau