09 June, 2020

Why on-demand barre classes are perfect for busy parents

Who are the most selfless people on the planet? Parents. And because of this, they tend to put their own personal pursuits second to their family's — especially when it comes to exercise!

Why on-demand barre classes are perfect for busy parents

Who are the most selfless people on the planet? Parents. And because of this, mother’s tend to put their own personal pursuits second to their family's — especially when it comes to exercise!

Many parents know all too well that when the work and family to-do lists get too long, regular exercise is often the first thing to be jettisoned. Finding time to get to a fitness facility regularly can feel hard, and even more so the preparation required to get out the door in the first place!

Barre Base Anywhere was born out of COVID-19, but it’s been an idea brewing for some time. The key reason we’ve been asked to create this offering, alongside those who travel, was for busy parents who struggled to get out the door.

Additionally, many of our clients who are parents were wanting to do more barre work on their own schedule as struggled to get to the physical studio to do it.

This new online platform gives our clients more choice and allows busy parents to do their favourite barre and stretch classes more regularly, without the difficulty of getting into the studio. They can now do all the classes they want, as often as they wish, from home!

Here's why Barre Base Anywhere is a great solution for busy parents!

Stay fit at home, on your watch

Busy parents love the flexibility of Barre Base Anywhere. It can be done in the home - or garage or backyard and they’re not restricted to the time of day they train, so it will work in with their schedule and they can involve their children or have them close by. And trust me, 20 minutes of barre will still get you sweating!

“I like Barre Base Anywhere because it’s time-efficient and convenient. There’s no travel required, and I can wear what I want and just focus on feeling strong.”

Short and Sweet

Because each class is only 20-30 minutes long, it feels attainable to fit a Barre Base Anywhere session into your day — regardless of what you’re juggling.

“I can do the exercise anywhere in my house, and even continue doing it when I am travelling for work."

I can exercise around my kids and commitments

Barre Base Anywhere gives you the choice to work out when you can — before the kids get up, after they are asleep, or even with them jumping all over you or joining in!

“I don't have to find babysitters or schedule my workouts around the kids. It's so much easier to make a workout, work!”

A balanced offering

Barre classes offer powerful body-weight strength training, which is one of the best ways to safely strengthen your deep core, pelvic floor, glutes and legs! However, we also offer more yoga-based sessions, that offer a more holistic workout. With an equal focus on mobility, stretch and breathwork, you can ensure that you not only find strength, but freedom, with this programme.

“I try to do a session daily, but I’m happy if I do three sessions a week. As well as barre, I love that Barre Base Anywhere offer yoga and stretch classes. These also pair well for the days when I take my workouts outdoors with a walk or bike ride.”

Mix and Match your workouts

What is great about Barre Base Anywhere is the variety. From total body barre classes to areas that target certain parts of the body, to stretch and yoga — there is something to suit your needs and mood!

Many clients say that they love heading for a 20-minute power walk, and then finishing with our Barre Burn core session. The workouts are also short enough to double or triple up your workouts, piecing together a total workout that best suits you.

You can also mix and match Barre Base Anywhere with workouts at real studios — just knowing you have a simple online option for those days you need something simple, affordable and accessible.

Stay connected with other at-home barre junkies

It can feel challenging to work out at home without the motivation of a trainer or group fitness environment. We’ve created a Barre Base Anywhere Community group that allows you to stay connected with us, other members, offer feedback on classes and also contribute to our video roadmap. The platform if your you, so you lead the way!

An affordable option that still keeps you driven to move

For $30 a month, you will gain access to a supportive community and gain access to a growing number of barre and mobility videos. This is an affordable way to do the workouts that you love, grow stronger and more supple, whilst staying motivated to do as many workouts as you can to make the most of that monthly fee.

If you'd like to learn more, please visit http://barrebaseanywhere.co.nz/ or reach out at hello@barrebase.co.nz