21 April, 2021

What are barre pilates classes, and how is Barre Base unique?

Although no class (or teacher) is the same, there are a few things you can expect from every class at Barre Base.

What are barre pilates classes, and how is Barre Base unique?

We often get asked what Barre Base offers, and what makes our classes unique?

Typically, barre workouts are fiery strength-based workouts that focus on moving with strength, length and grace.

The big misconception is that they're a dance class – instead, the classes focus on body-weight strengthening exercises that dancers would do to gain better strength. This concept has been transformed into the fitness world and has empowered non-dancers to gain the benefits of this practice too. The barre allows us to feel more stable and in control, while working toward moving with good posture and alignment.

Barre (pronounced bar) classes are a form of pilates training, but also fuse yoga and strength-training. Classes are low-impact, but truly get the body working!

At Barre Base we put our own spin on things, with a big focus on breath, mindfulness, alignment and precision.

Although no class (or teacher) is the same, there are a few things you can expect from every barre class at Barre Base.

Simplicity of movement

Some barre classes around the world can feel quite frantic and fast. We aim to keep our barre classes simple and effective – with a greater focus on building functional strength, rather than cardio fitness. We keep the ballet-inspired moves to a minimum, and offer exercises than everyone can do, without any expectation of a dance background.


Barre classes offer a chance for mindful movement. We work hard to offer intelligent cues to help you move safely, and with confidence. Once you start to learn the barre, pilates and yoga movements, you will notice you're able to start to relax into the exercises more – giving the mind more time to focus on how you're moving. Alongside your breath, there is something hugely empowering about moving your body in a conscious way.

Focus on breath

At Barre Base, we move with our breath – like you would in a yoga class. The power of learning to move with and pay attention to your breath is two-fold; you will learn to better listen to your body and its limitations, while unearthing a greater level of strength and power through better core awareness.


At Barre Base we work hard to help you move safely with plenty technique tips throughout a class. Barre classes are all about learning to move your body with good posture. For many of us, poor posture occurs from bad habits, being sedentary or from poor mobility. In class, we work hard to simultaneously improve your strength and mobility, so that you can lengthen your muscles back into correct positions — and hold them there!

Good technique comes in time, and the better your technique becomes, the more you’ll be able to get out of each class. Your teacher is there to help you guide your body into safe and effective positions.

Options for all levels

Our classes at Barre Base are diverse – from Beginner's Barre classes, right through to our faster-moving class, Barre Sweat. We do suggest newcomers start with a Beginner's Barre or Gentle Barre class – however we offer options and levels in every one of our classes. We encourage you to come as you are. Our teachers are here to help empower you to move your body in a way that best honours it. Please do let our team know if you have any injuries or if you're pregnant, so that we can offer alternatives.

A fun workout

Despite a big focus on technique, breath and mindfulness, barre classes are really FUN! They are dynamic, we move with music, and there is a sense of community when we all bend and breathe together. The more comfortable you become with the movements, the more you can really settle in to the barre buzz – enjoying the music and the connection to a like-minded group of movers. Classes are low impact, but powerful – offering you a way to exercise that is hugely different from any gym setting.

New to Barre Base?

We have diversified our class offerings to ensure there is something for all levels and styles — from Beginner’s, to Gentle Barre… to Barre Sweat for our cardio lovers. Please click here to learn more about all of the barre, pilates and yoga classes that we have on offer here in our Dunedin studio.

You can find us in the Dunedin CBD, at 7 Crawford Street (on the one-way).

You can book via our website timetable, and we highly recommend grabbing our First Timer's Deal, which is only $55 for 4-weeks of unlimited classes.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at hello@barrebase.co.nz.