21 April, 2021

Barre Base Autumn Challenge - 15 Classes in 21 Days

Join us for our upcoming Barre Base Studio Challenge - 15 classes in 21 days. May 2nd-22nd.

Barre Base Autumn Challenge - 15 Classes in 21 Days

We're really excited to announce that we're running a challenge at the Barre Base studio. It has been some time since we have been able to host a challenge (pandemic life), but we finally think the time is right again.

Challenges always bring such a buzz to the studio and give us all an extra level of motivation as the days start becoming cooler.

Here's what to expect

- Aim to complete a minimum of 15 classes in 21 days, from May 2nd-22nd.- You can choose any class style to tick off your 15 sessions, from our beloved barre, yoga to stretch. - Spot prizes are available for those who complete all 15 (or more) days!This challenge is free for those on memberships. If you are a drop-in or concession cardholder, you can purchase a $150 unlimited pass for the duration of the challenge. This $150 pass can be bought online.Sign up here: https://forms.gle/dYwvzFFJhpD8hBR89We're so excited to bend and breathe with you all!

What do we offer at Barre Base?

Barre Base offers barre pilates workouts, yoga-inspired classes and mobility. Classes are suitable for those who are looking for beginner pilates and barre classes, through to those who really wish to push themselves.

Our studio classes

Barre Base: Barre Base fuses ballet barre (French for 'bar') conditioning exercises with Pilates, yoga, and functional, body-weight training.

Barre Base Express: The same barre pilates class, but a 45-minute version for busy people.

Beginner's Barre: In Beginner's Barre, our teachers take the time to break down each barre pilates movement and the technique required to execute the movements safely and effectively.

Barre Sweat: High-intensity interval training at the barre. Barre Sweat is a step up from our regular Barre Base class and is a great way to apply the technique you've been working hard on in your regular classes, to higher-intensity movements. The class is still low-impact but is designed to get the heart racing.

Gentle Barre: Gentle Barre is a combination of barre strengthening work with stretch. The class weaves stretching, breathing and self-care into your favourite barre moves.

Stretch and Lengthen: An hour of self-care through deep stretching, breath and myofascial release, this class uses yoga principles to combine stretching with breath and mindfulness in order to effectively stretch overworked or chronically tight muscles

Yoga Barre: Yoga Barre combines barre moves for your upper body, thighs and glutes with athletic, vinyasa-style yoga for flexibility, balance and energy. With a combined focus on mindfulness and strength, we work on toning your deep core while keeping your mind focused and relaxed.

Vinyasa Flow: Vinyasa Flow is constructed around surya namaskar sun salutation flows that are designed to energise and wake up your body. This class is designed to build heat in the body, with a strong focus on simultaneously gaining strength and mobility.