25 January, 2021

Barre Base at Red Light

Here’s what you need to know about Barre Base and how classes operate under the Red Setting amid the COVID-19 response.

Barre Base at Red Light

Here’s what you need to know about Barre Base and how classes operate under the Red Setting amid the COVID-19 response.

We’ve already established a few protocols to keep one another safe at the studio. Below is how the red setting differs.

What’s the same

  • Scan in, and sanitise hands upon entry.
  • Masks to + fro, but these can be removed when you exercise on your mat.
  • Avoid studio if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Show up 5-minutes only before your class. This is to ensure our team can clean the studio well, and to limit congestion in communal areas.
  • Please don’t be late! We need you to all have your assigned spot and be in the door before we start class. When you’re late, it disrupts the experience for our other members.
  • Please ensure you cancel classes if you can no longer make it. You can cancel 8+ hours before hand, but we also appreciate you getting in touch if something pops up inside this time.
  • Although we are always understanding, please remember we charge a $15 no-show fee. This fee is just to discourage no-shows, and to ensure other members do not miss out on a space.

What’s different under the red setting

  • Class numbers are reduced to allow for a 1m spacing between mats.
  • Limit to one studio class per day.
  • Online Zoom classes are back on our schedule. More about these below!
  • No mat hire, and we will be limiting the use of props.
  • You can only book classes 1-week out. This gives us more flexibility to change the schedule if we have to.

Mat Hire

  • We are removing our mat hire in the studio under the red setting. There are plenty of amazing yoga mats that you can buy online. Some of our favourite yoga mats are from Lululemon, Gaiam or Yogi Peace Club. Rebel Sports also sells yoga mats.

Zoom classes

Under the red setting, Barre Base offers Zoom classes for you to attend from home. There will be a variety of classes on offer, from our classic barre classes, to Gentle Barre, Yoga Barre + Stretch & Lengthen.

These classes run at a set timetable, so you have the impetus to book and “show-up” to a class. You will see Zoom classes on our timetable already (the class will say ‘online’). We anticipate that we will be increasing the amount of Zoom classes as time goes on (at the peak of community transmission for example). The goal is not to replace studio classes, but to simply have more on offer for you – especially if we need to isolate.

  • Book for your Zoom class via our website timetable. You will be emailed a Zoom link 20 minutes before the class starts.
  • When you join, you are welcome to keep your video/sound off – although we love having a chat to you all and seeing your smiling faces!
  • Zoom classes are at no extra cost for members. If you wish to use your concession card or pay for a drop in, you can! Additionally, we offer a 7-day online pass for $38 — this means you can attend as many Zoom classes are you wish over 7-days. Purchase that here.

What’s the difference between Zoom classes and Barre Base Anywhere?

Barre Base Anywhere is our on-demand studio. This gives you access to 60+ recorded workouts. These are all 20-30 minutes long, so this is great if you cannot make classes at certain times or are time-poor. We offer ONE Zoom class a week for our Barre Base Anywhere members, and this one class is recorded and available to you for 14 days. The cost is $30 per month/cancel any time.

Trying Barre Base for the first time in the red setting?

Welcome! We would love to meet you. Please bring along your vaccine pass to be scanned, a water bottle and a yoga mat. We always recommend grabbing the $55 First Timer’s Deal. You can try as many classes are you wish (including our online Zoom classes) over 4-weeks. Beginner’s Barre, Gentle Barre and Stretch & Lengthen are recommended for beginners, but don’t be afraid to try Barre Base and Yoga Barre too. These classes are all low-impact, and are simple enough to follow. Our teachers are here to support you, always.

Red settings change our class sizes, but we will be adding even more online options for you to ensure you do not miss out. We will do our best to continue supporting you all to exercise in a safe way. We are so grateful to our members who stand by us to ride the waves of COVID-19. It is not an easy time for anybody, but bending and breathing with you all (both in the studio and online) has been such a wonderful constant over the past few years.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch at hello@barrebase.co.nz - we are here to help.