30 April, 2018

10 Reasons Why our Members Love Barre Base

People work out for many different reasons. Be it to gain physical or mental strength, overcome fears, prevent further injury, to meet new people, or to simply escape their busy lives for an hour!

10 Reasons Why our Members Love Barre Base

People work out for many different reasons. Be it to gain physical or mental strength, overcome fears, prevent further injury, to meet new people, or to simply escape their busy lives for an hour!

Exercise has always been a crucial part of my life, and I have met the best of friends through it. Together you grow in confidence and ability and support one another through physical and mental growth.

Being based overseas for the year, exercise has been an important way for me to meet new people and socialise. For me exercise has never been a tool for me to 'change' the way my body looks. Instead, it has served a social purpose and a vital part of how I stay happy and healthy in a holistic sense.

We asked some of our Barre Base members why they love our studio, and what keeps them coming back. Our members are both men and women, and range between the ages of 19-70.

Member 1

Barre Base ... a place to rest your mind, feel in tune with your body, get a great burn and meet a fantastic new group of people whilst learning about posture and stretch... I never knew that this is what Barre Base was about until I went ... I have had huge body gains in terms of posture, strength and flexibility, my main reason to go was to try and improve flexibility and I have received that and so much more. Thanks, Barre Base team you are just fantastic.

Member 2

I have been going to Barre Base classes for a few months now and absolutely love it. Since having kids I lost all core strength and posture.Barre Base has been such a game-changer. I have noticed such an increase in strength and even mental clarity in such a short time. Barre classes are always a challenge but benefits are second to none. The instructors are fantastic and so knowledgeable and approachable. Even the fellow barre members are super supportive of each other with a real family feel to it.

Member 3

I come to barre because it’s giving me great muscle tone and strength and some more flexibility. I love it as it’s not high impact but is wonderfully demanding. It’s giving me my younger-looking body back. Superb!

Member 4

Before my first barre class, I was worried that I wouldn’t be fit enough or flexible enough to keep up, but the class environment was really welcoming and supportive and although I definitely found the class challenging, I really enjoyed it!

Since then I have found that while the workouts don’t get any easier, my technique is improving and I am starting to see the benefits of attending regular classes; feeling a little fitter and stronger each week, and being much more aware of my posture.

The teachers are great - helping you move correctly, letting you go at your own pace if you are struggling with any moves, but also pushing you to challenge yourself when your technique has improved and you need that extra encouragement.

Even on those days when I really don’t feel like exercising, I always feel great at the end of a class.

Member 5

Barre classes make me feel good inside and out. I love that every class is unique, and even after attending for nearly a year I still find each one challenging, mentally and physically. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, like when I’m able to finish an exercise that I’ve previously struggled with. The teachers are all excellent and continue to motivate me. Their positive energy creates a great atmosphere in the class. At the end of a class, I feel a mixture of exhaustion and elation which is somehow addictive.

Member 6

What I enjoy about Barre is that I get a great strength workout which is low impact and benefits my running. I also enjoy the stretching aspect of the class which is improving my mobility. I find it a great place to unwind at the end of the day.

Member 7

As a working mother of three finding time and motivation to exercise was difficult until I started going to Barre Base. Barre Base classes are addictively challenging and I’m amazed at the improvement in my strength, posture and flexibility from attending just a couple of classes a week.

Member 8

Ever since my first ever barre class when I felt that fiery burn in my muscles I was hooked! I’m no dancer and couldn’t dance to save my life but I love the way that barre base uses ballet-inspired ‘barre’ and body weighted movements to help stretch, lengthen and build muscles you never even knew existed! The burn is unreal and you reap the benefits of increased strength, mobility and stamina.

In every single class, I can feel the improvements to my posture, flexibility and joint movements. Barre never gets easier, you learn how to engage new muscles, work deeper into your movements and push yourself to a new level every single class. That’s what I love about it, the challenge never stops…. I’m hooked!

On top of an already awesome workout for your body and mind, is the amazing environment that the Barre Base team have created. All the teachers are lovely, down to earth and passionate about helping you. The new studio is full of positivity and warmth and is full of a like-minded community of keen and kind barre base goers.

Member 9

I love the barre base class, it allows me to work on my flexibility and strength at the same time. I was immediately aware of the weaknesses I have, and these corresponded to what the Physio had been working on with me. I love the idea that barre acts as a preventative to injury rather than a treatment of. In such a short time I have noticed the benefits.

With running hours every week, I found it hard to keep on top of my core, hip alignment, glutes and lower back. Barre works on all this in almost every exercise. The focus is never on how many or how heavy but on the technique. I love that there is always a variety. The class flies by, and beats an hour at home on my own doing exercises, or struggling away at the gym. There is always a greater challenge for those who are strong in that area, or an option to back off if you are weaker there. The music works well with each movement but does not run the workout. It’s not like a dance class at all, but the beats keep you in time and make it fun. Anyone can come to barre. It is the best possible combination of anything I have done to enhance my competitive running - Pilates, core, weights, yoga and dance. With additional classes such as stretch, cardio and beginner, there is definitely something for everyone. I also like that not one class is the same, but works all areas of the body equally!

Member 10

Training and racing bicycles puts the body into fixed positions for long periods of time. I found that I would get really tight hips and glute pain after prolonged periods. After a couple of weeks at Barre Base, I have noticed a real improvement in my hips and glutes, a freeing up of the tightness that I was experiencing. Also my flexibility in my hamstrings and lower back has improved dramatically.

I really enjoy Barre Base because of the ways in which simple and repeatable movements engage a wide range of muscle groups and promotes a whole-body connection. I find that the class length and structure is more appealing than a gym session, and the instructors support and help you to maintain the correct form. Barre is challenging, in all the right ways. It is not focused on how much you can lift, but doing it right, and this seems to give the best results.