What has exercise taught you about your body?

What has exercise taught you about your body?

“The body says what words cannot” – a famous quote from the mother of modern dance, Martha Graham.

How we hold ourselves, how we move and how we breathe is so often a reflection of how we’re feeling – whether it is conscious or not.

Our body, movement and physicality is gesture and communication – and is often the language that we don’t intend to show!

This can include:
- How we choose to show up at the studio
- How we choose to take on challenge
- And equally how we choose to listen to our bodies and take regressions when we need to! (To name a few).

On a simple level, watching the energy shifts that happen from the start of a barre class to the end is a reflection of this. And when we are blessed to know you and watch you grow over months, and also years, we witness so much growth and change in how your movements reflect your emotions too. It is equally exciting to see some people step up and push themselves harder, as it is to see people slow down, join a stretch class and take a deep breath. We all need different things.

Regular movement can help us better *consciously* connect our body and mind. It can help us shift emotions, find new ones, and learn how our body responds to what comes up for us along the way! It can also help us better perceive what we need from a movement style.

This can include whether you choose to let go and release. Whether you want to focus on precision in your movement. Whether you want to learn to take up space and express yourself in your yoga class. Or whether you just want to smash some pliés and feel the burn!

What has exercise taught you about yourself?

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  • Karen

    To take time to listen to my body
    Take time for me
    Take time to enjoy stillness

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