Tips for a stronger core

Tips for a stronger core
At Barre Base, we're obsessed with the core. Almost everything we do requires you to think about how your deep core is activating, but also how it's relaxing. Here are a few ways you can strengthen your core. 

Keep breathing

Your core naturally expands as you inhale and contracts as you exhale. Never hold your breath in order to “push through” an exercise. Instead, work harder and stronger on your exhalations, and breathe deeply throughout.

Think three-dimensionally 

Your core muscles wrap 360 degrees and extend from deep in your pelvis all the way up to your diaphragm. And all these muscles work together! Only focusing on one piece of the core (ahem, six pack) can lead to instability and weakness in the overall core system.

Mobility contributes to strength 

A healthy and effective core must be able to fully contract and relax. Twist, bend, stretch, and breathe deeply in order to gain mobility, especially along your spine.

Get to know your pelvis

Instead of tucking your pelvis under or tilting it up behind you, try keeping your pelvis stable in a neutral position while exercising. Use the muscles that run between your sitting bones and across your low belly to keep the pelvis steady as your arms and legs move.

Pay attention

Are you lifting your legs from your low belly as you walk up the driveway? Are you keeping a neutral, steady pelvis while holding your babies? Are you breathing deeply even while you’re at your desk? What we do in the quiet, repetitive moments of our days has more impact on our core function than any 60-minute class ever could.

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