Stretching for Sitters

Stretching for Sitters

“Sitting is the new smoking,” - Anup Kanodia

Over the last 20 years, the predominant mode of working has become computer-based in developed countries. This has resulted in many people spending their workday sitting. Sedentary roles are known to cause muscular-skeletal issues and mental fatigue.

Are you desk-bound for most of the working week? Then Barre Stretch may be the class for you.

At Barre Base, we understand the importance of preventing and/or minimising the discomforts that sedentary jobs can create. Our Barre Stretch class has been created with these issues in mind. Barre Stretch focuses on dynamic stretching, which is the process of actively moving your body through a safe, full range of motion with the intent of improving the joint's functional capacity for movement. 

“Move with strength and freedom”

The problem with sitting

Many workplaces have become increasingly sedentary, contributing to inactive lifestyles and unhealthy living. The negatives of desk-bound or sedentary jobs extend not only to physical issues, but also to mental fatigue.

Physically, the sitting posture reduces the lumbar curvature, increases the internal pressure of the intervertebral discs and elongates the posterior spine structures. All of these aspects may predispose the sitter to high rates of pain, sensations of heaviness, numbness and other discomforts.

In addition to lumbar problems, the prolonged sitting posture promotes a reduction in blood circulation of the leg and may cause swelling of the feet and ankles. Sedentary work may also promote neck and upper-limb discomfort due to the stationary, and immobile nature of sitting. 

Computer based, and desk-bound work also contributes to mental fatigue. Mental fatigue may also occur after long periods of computer use without the user being aware of their developing symptoms. So remember to take regular breaks if you are frequently computer or desk-bound. 

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Why Barre stretch classes can help

At Barre Base, we have created a class which helps to prevent injuries caused from being overly sedentary and to help minimise mental fatigue that work stresses can contribute to.  


The benefits or stretching and being mobile are endless. Past studies into the advantages of stretching programmes reported benefits including reductions of pain and or disability, and reduced costs of work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders, as well as improvements of flexibility and range of motion. Many of our regulars, from all classes, have noticed improvements in their flexibility within weeks of coming to classes, which they have said has helped with many day-to-day activities around the house such as gym work, running and even in their self-confidence! 

Remember, the classes are not just for dancers. In fact, most of our regulars have never had dance training. Instead, they are just familiar with the benefits that strength training and stretching holds. Using a ballet barre is a great way to safely build your strength, and in turn increase your posture, flexibility and confidence!

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