Introducing our weekly Men's Yoga and Mobility Class

Introducing our weekly Men's Yoga and Mobility Class

Barre Base is proud to introduce our new Men's Yoga & Mobility Class, running every Tuesday at 7.30pm.

Our weekly Men's class offers a safe space for men to focus on flexibility and moving well.

The main goals of the class are for men to:

  • Learn to breathe well
  • Reduce mental tension and body tension
  • Improve proprioceptivity (brain to body connection)
  • Stretch tight muscles and fascia
  • Prevent injury
  • Feel good in their bodies

The class focuses on both dynamic and passive stretching. Dynamic stretching is the process of actively moving your body through a safe, full range of motion with the intent of improving the joint's functional capacity for movement. Therefore, we continue to move between stretches to ensure the body stays warm to aid mobility. Passive stretches are held for 2 minutes or more, with an emphasis on relaxation and deep breathing with absolutely no holding or pushing or striving.

We also include self-massage (with use of yoga therapy balls) as well on consistent education on ways to keep your body happy and healthy. The combination of yoga and myofascial release creates a balance that allows us to release and unwind tight tissues stored deeper in the body.

"Last night was a great first yoga session for me - was everything I had hoped for."

There is no need to have any experience in yoga or barre to attend this men's class. All levels are welcome and encouraged. We will cater to your needs.

Book here:

Men are welcome at all Barre Base classes, and we have a lot of male members. So if this class doesn't suit you, please feel welcome to book into any of our weekly sessions! 

You can find us at 7 Crawford Street, Level 1 (opposite Consultancy House).

Drop in pricing is $16, and we have concession cards available.

Please email if you have any questions!

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