Introducing Barre Base's Online Studio Options

Introducing Barre Base's Online Studio Options

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Barre Base has moved classes online. We're so thrilled to allow you to continue to work out over this time, because more than ever, routine and movement is invaluable.  

We have created a few different solutions which we believe will work best so far. Please bear in mind that this has been a huge scramble on our behalf, and we’re trying our best to find the best solution for each one of our clients, but also the business (in a very changeable environment).

Online Classes (Live Streaming via Zoom Conferencing App)

These classes will be run by your Barre Base teacher from the studio but will be student free. Each student will have the ability to attend a class from the comfort of their own home, but with the same live interactions. You can choose to turn your video and sound off if you prefer, but this option allows for two-way live communication, as well as a “time” that you must show up to work out. We know that having a timetable and a routine is key for many right now.

You will book for this class via Punchpass or on our website timetable too.

More information will be sent to you on how to book into, and access, Zoom Livestream classes. There will be a link in Punchpass for you to follow to join from home. You will need to create yourself a little workout haven and find a chair to rest your hands against for balance.

We look forward to seeing the workout havens that you create!

Barre Base Anywhere (Pre-recorded 20 min classes)

We have also been working hard on pre-recording 20-minute workouts for our members to use at their leisure. We will continue to add more classes as time goes, but we have x5 20-minute sessions for you to work through as a starting point. This will be launched in the next few days.

This is perfect if your schedule is a little up in the air, or for our clients in different time-zones!

We will also send a follow-up email once this has been launched. Classes will be added one-by-one as we spend time recording and editing these (the editing process is rather time-consuming, so bear with us).

Private Classes

1:1 and small group training is still available, so please enquire if you're interested. These can be run via Zoom, which will allow us to give you more personalised workouts and feedback.

Pricing and Payments 

Current Memberships
For our current members, all of these services (online classes and Barre Base Anywhere) will be at no extra cost while we work through the uncertainties that COVID-19 has thrown at us.

Drop-in and Concession
For now, online classes will run the same for drop-in clients and those on concession cards. You will book in for your session, and we will take a “click” off your concession card. If you pay casually or require a new card, we can organise an online payment for this.

Online-Only Memberships
If you’re looking to subscribe to our online classes and pre-recorded material only, then we will offer an online-only membership of $20 per week. If we have to shut our doors entirely, all current members payments will also drop to this same price until we know the future holds for us.

Barre Base Anywhere will have videos added as regularly as possible, and we endeavour to capture and save all streamed live classes too for future viewing.

Thank you all so much for your support through this time. It’s certainly not an easy time to be a business owner, but every single one of you (and the amazing BB team) make it all worthwhile.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns!

Sending all my love over this tough time. Remember to take deep breaths and keep moving your body. Setting time aside for exercise and wellness is going to be key for us all throughout this turbulent time.

Kind regards,

Rosa Anderson - Jones

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