Healthy 'Bounty' Cups

Healthy 'Bounty' Cups

Today I have spent more time experimenting with some different 'cup' flavours. Today's experiment was a 'bounty bar' cup!

I think I have nailed it. The cup doesn't melt into an oily mess once you hold it, and it holds a good consistency once out of the freezer! The shredded coconut and almond meal add a crunch, and give it a full-bodied taste which I often find coconut oil treats lack! 

Recipe for the chocolate:

•1/4 cup melted coconut oil
•1/4 cacao
•1T maple syrup

Coconut centre:

•1/3 cup of shredded coconut
•1/3 cup of almond meal
•1/3 cup coconut oil

Pour some of the chocolate mix (in liquid form) to the bottom of 3-4 cups (dependant of the size of your moulds). Freeze this layer until it hardens.

Then add a layer of the dry coconut layer and pour the remaining chocolate on top. You may need to re-melt this coconut/cacao mixture so that it is still smooth.

Place the cups back in the freezer until they are hardened. Take cups out of the freezer when they are ready to eat! They store best in the freezer! 

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