Do men come to barre classes?

Do men come to barre classes?
Although we admittedly don't do a good job at advertising this, yes, many men come to the studio! Barre classes themselves are low impact strength classes that are fantastic for improving core strength, strengthening stabilising muscles and helping to improve posture. These benefits are required, and enjoyed, by men and women alike.

In fact, one of our male members is celebrating his 950th class at the studio this week!
Our yoga and stretch classes are hugely popular amongst male members too – especially runners, martial artists, surfers, cyclists and weight lifters… to name a few.

We asked one of our most committed Barre Base members, Keith Gordon, to share his insights from 4 years at the studio.

How did you first learn about barre base?

My wife asked me to pop along one Saturday.  I used to do a lot of circuit and I think she thought I would enjoy it; which I did.

What surprised you about it the most?

The exercises test strength, flexibility, sometimes balance and definitely posture. The focus on technique was not something I was that used to. Many of the exercises require coordination and timing and so you have to stay focused to do them. After my first session I could barely walk down the stairs my legs were so tired. These are testing exercises.

What benefits have you found after 4 years of consistent practice? (And close to 1000 classes!)

I think fitness, flexibility and strength are definitely enhanced with the classes.  I think an improved feeling of wellbeing – maybe that is a combination of the aforementioned but it definitely relieves stress and makes you feel good.

What keeps you coming back to Barre Base?

I think there are three main reasons to keep coming back; firstly, the variety of exercises is astonishing. I have gone to a lot of classes but I never been to two the same. I think the diversity of exercise and approach really keeps me engaged and interested.

Of course, the Barre base, Yoga Barre and Vinyasa flow offer quite different approaches but even within each group the variety is just fantastic.
Secondly the exercises are mindful – you have to be focused and that I think enhances the experience but also means that injuries are less likely – at least that is my experience.
Finally, the atmosphere of the classes is infectiously positive. I think the atmosphere is down to the instructors who guide the classes but also the people taking the class. It just has a positive feeling where things do not go perfectly and that is fine, not everyone does the exercises at the same intensity or level (but that is also fine). Everyone tries really hard in these classes and it is just inspirational, and I have never felt a sense of failure – it is always positive and uplifting. It is great.
We all need to move with strength and freedom, and barre and yoga-inspired classes are for everybody. Here's more information on all of the barre, pilates yoga and stretch classes here at Barre Base Dunedin.


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