Barre Base FAQs – What to expect from a barre class

Barre Base FAQs – What to expect from a barre class

Barre Base answers some frequently asked questions on barre classes at the studio – all questions we are regularly asked by the community.

What kind of a workout is barre?

Typically, barre workouts are fiery strength-based workouts that focus on moving with strength, length and grace. The big misconception is that they're a dance class – instead, the classes focus on body-weight strengthening exercises that dancers would do to gain better strength. This concept has been transformed into the fitness world and has empowered non-dancers to gain the benefits of this practice too. The barre allows us to feel more stable and in control, while working toward moving with good posture and alignment.

What are the physical and mental benefits of a barre workout?

Barre classes are infamously tough. They teach just as much about mental endurance as they do physical.

Barre classes certainly allow you to build strength, tone your body and increase mobility. But more than that, it’s about feeling empowered to do things we want to do outside of the studio. Hike that hill with friends, jump on a bike again after 5 years and feel strong doing so. Stand taller as a consequence of that additional strength.

Yes, we work on seeking a stronger core, yes our glutes will be seriously worked, and yes our planks will be longer and stronger. But think about everything else that these benefits offer us? That’s the true gift of exercise! It’s the feeling of empowerment in our bodies and gratitude for the strength we have (irrespective of how our strength “looks” beside someone else’s). You grow stronger week to week, from your base level, not some else’s.

Barre Base gives clients time to take a conscious breath. Time to pause, reflect and perhaps feel my breath inside my body for the first time all day. Some days, barre offers members a space to work on handling stress – to turn off the outside world and tune into your body.

The mental strength we gain through exercise is extremely transferable in life.

Weight loss may be a result of your workouts and if that was what you were looking for, then great. But we believe what is more important is you’ve gained in this process. It’s so incredibly freeing when weight loss isn’t at the forefront of our training. Let’s focus on for strength, energy, focus, persistence, community and freedom — both physically and mentally. What is most exciting about looking into the benefits of Barre Base is that everyone experiences something different. We may share similar benefits to others, yet these experiences are unique and have fulfilled something personal in each and every one of us.

Can anyone do barre?

Absolutely, yes! A great barre studio will offer different classes to cater to beginners, to those who are really looking to be challenged. Barre is a low-impact exercise but truly packs a punch. We have members from all walks of life – busy mums, famous musicians rugby players (men and women), to older clients who want to keep maintain their youthful energy and strength.

Tell us about the Barre Base Community.

Barre Base was born in Dunedin, in 2015. Beyond our classic barre classes, we also offer a mixed Yoga Barre fusion class, and mobility sessions. These mobility classes incorporate yoga asana with breath work, self-massage (using massage ball tools) and guided meditation. We decided to branch out into a more diverse offering to ensure our members were moving in a holistic and balanced way each week, rather than smashing their bodies with 6+ barre classes a week.

We also offer online studio, Barre Base Anywhere, with on-demand classes for busy working parents, shift workers, or those who wish to work out in the comfort of their own home. It's my goal to encourage people to move with strength and freedom – both physically, and beyond. This has been a huge success so far, with customers joining us from all corners of the world. We run a Facebook group to stay connected, provide monthly 1/1s, and encourage members to help us shape our video roadmap. More here

As noted, our studio members are from all walks of life. This results in a diverse and strong community of people with one goal in common – to feel good!

We feel very lucky to be surrounded by such a fantastic group of people every day and to get to know people on a personal level through exercise.

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