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What is Barre

Move with strength and freedom.

Barre Base fuses elements of ballet barre (French for 'bar') conditioning exercises with Pilates, yoga and functional body-weight training.

The moves are low impact but include high-intensity intervals and bodyweight strength work that will get the heart racing without the impact on your joints.

Barre training builds strength, mobility, agility, balance, mental focus and endurance — it's not only a fantastic workout in itself, but it is hugely complimentary to other physical pursuits and its benefits transcend into your everyday life.

Barre classes are not just for people with dance training. The benefits of barre training extend to those wanting to kick-start their fitness journey, through to elite athletes needing to further condition, strengthen and mobilise their bodies. Our classes cater to all ages, stages, sexes and physical abilities. 

Barre Base offers multiple class styles — from beginners sessions to yoga-based barre workouts, stretch and self-care to high-intensity workouts.

We pride ourselves on creating a space where everybody feels welcome.

Barre Base in Motion