2024 Annual Membership Sale: Invest in your health in 2024

2024 Annual Membership Sale:  Invest in your health in 2024

2024 Annual Membership Sale 

Our classes support you to build strength, feel confident, improve mobility, ease stress – all in a supportive and FUN environment.

We’re dedicated to fostering a fitness culture that celebrates your strength, while supporting you to create a sustainable, year-round, movement routine.

2024 Full Year Membership Sale: $1250 ($300+ annual saving).

This 2024 Full Year Membership is an investment – ensuring you feel confident, strong, and free to embrace all that 2024 has to offer.

  • Build Strength Safely: Our Barre classes are thoughtfully designed to improve your strength, posture, and flexibility, creating a foundation for a sustainable fitness routine that lasts all year.
  • Feel free and limber in your body: We focus on mobility exercises that enable you to move freely and build a body that is strong and flexible enough to support your active lifestyle.
  • Inclusive Community: Barre Base is such a supportive and safe environment to move. Whether you’re feeling a little at-sea with exercise, or you want a challenge, we will endeavour to support you with your fitness goals and needs.


“The Barre Base community is friendly and supportive, with people at all sorts of ages and stages,” Mary McLaughlin.

This year we’re opening just 35 spaces for this discounted membership. The membership offers unlimited, year-round, access to all classes – including any special classes, events or challenges that we run. This membership must be paid in full. If you’re currently on a fortnightly membership payment and wish to switch, you can! 

Quick maths:
- If you come 5 times a week on this membership, each class is $5
- If you come 4 times a week, each class is $6.25.
- 3 times a week = $8.30 per session.
- A drop-in is $18…

So it’s a no brainer if you’re a regular attendee!

Get in touch if you’d like to purchase the year pass. We’d be so grateful to have you join, as it’s just as much an investment in our small business as it is in your health and wellbeing.

Here’s to another year of sustainable and safe movement, that supports our bodies to feel strong and confident through 2024 and beyond.

Please note:
- This membership is for the 2024 year only, and doesn't include any membership pauses.
- It must be paid in full.
- You're welcome to sign up any time, and payments will be required by the end of January, 2024.

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