20 August 2017 / Information

Welcome to the team, Caoimhe Finn!

We’re super excited to welcome Caoimhe Finn to the Barre Base team!

Caoimhe has been a regular at Barre Base for the majority of this year since she moved here from Ireland, so her face will no doubt be familiar to many of you!

Armed with an MA in Drama and Performance, Caoimhe has over 20 years of dance training under her belt – from classical ballet to Jazz, contemporary, tap and hip hop. On top of her interest in dance, she’s a huge lover of health and fitness. She runs and attends Crossfit classes most days, on top of being a barre regular.

She’s a natural performer – so she’s the perfect person to inspire you all to lengthen your legs and point your toes!

“I enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge with others - especially when it comes to dance and fitness.”

 With dance being such a physical art form, fitness and conditioning are vital to ensure performances can be executed with technical precision and with power. This passion has transferred into her lifestyle. Her opinion is that health and fitness regimes are vital in creating a better and stronger you.

“I believe your 'health is your wealth' and therefore needs daily nourishment and encouragement.”

 We’re very lucky to have Caoimhe on board!