4 July 2018 / Information

Welcome to Barre Base, Mikey!

We are beyond excited to welcome Mikey Gudgeon to the Barre Base team.

Mikey is hugely experienced in both dance and the fitness industry. He is in his second year of Physiotherapy, giving him an edge with his teaching through his understanding of the body and biomechanics.

Mikey will be taking our Tuesday 5pm session.

We're very lucky to have you joining us, Mikey.

Here is a little more about him!

"I first started dancing at the age of eight as a highland dancer, competing both locally and nationally up till the age of 18. I then trained full time in classical ballet at City Dance Centre in my hometown Christchurch, before moving to Wellington to study contemporary dance at the New Zealand School of Dance.

I have been working fulltime as a professional contemporary dancer, mainly working for Java Dance Theatre where I performed and toured throughout New Zealand and overseas, with a highlight performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland.

I also performed with Footnote Dance, World of Wearable Arts, Black Grace and for many independent artists and events. One of my most favourite and rewarding dancing experiences was assistant rehearsal directing “Le Grand Continental” for the opening event of the New Zealand International Arts Festival where I helped teach and rehearse a routine to 150 members of the public all aged 8 to 80.

During my time in Wellington, I also worked part-time as a group fitness instructor at Cityfitness teaching ‘Centergy’ (yoga based) and ‘Core’ fitness classes for four years.

I’m currently in my second year of studying physiotherapy at the University of Otago and am learning so much valuable information about the anatomy and movement of the human body. My favourite part so far has been learning about each muscle and being able to see where and how they work, both on an individual and global level in the body. I’ve learnt how interconnected all the systems in the human body are and how imbalances in one area can really affect other parts.

So thinking about health in a holistic way is so important and coming to a Barre Base class is improving your health in so many more ways than just your physical fitness. It will be awesome to be able to integrate this and future knowledge I will learn about movement, rehabilitation and health as I progress through my studies into barre classes.

The thing I love most about teaching group fitness is seeing the progression in people in their technique and confidence. Not only within a class but over an extended period of time. Being able to assist people on that journey of discovering their mind-body connection is something I’m passionate about.

Movement, exercise and awareness of posture are so important for quality of life both in the present and in setting up for the future as we age. Instructing classes is such a privilege in assisting people in improving and maintaining their health."