24 January 2019 / Information

Barre Base Dunedin Is Hiring

Barre Base is looking for new teachers in 2019. We never rush these things, but we’d love to reach out to our community to see if there’s any interest. Ideally, we would love to hire someone who has teaching experience — in either barre, Pilates, dance or yoga. However, we're willing to train the right person.

The ideal candidate:

  • has barre, Pilates or Yoga teaching experience
  • has completed teacher training in yoga, barre, dance or Pilates

But above all this person:

  • has a passion for teaching — it must go beyond a personal passion for fitness
  • gets a buzz out of leading and encouraging a room
  • loves barre, yoga and fitness themselves, and personally practices what they preach
  • a reliable team player, who is willing to go above and beyond for their colleagues and clients
  • kind, compassionate and confident 

There is potential for two positions: one Barre Base teacher, and one Yoga Barre teacher. However, if we can find someone who has the ability to teach both classes, that would be fantastic. 

Barre Base: Our foundation class. Simple barre fitness conditioning that focusses on strengthing, mobilising and toning the body in a safe and effective way. This is dance-inspired movement, but is by no means "dancing." We move with the timing of the music.

Yoga Barre: A hybrid class. We work through vinyasa flow, but incorporate barre-inspired movement to strengthen and tone the body. We also use the ballet barre to assist us with yoga stretches, and for balance in strengthening exercises. This class is guided by breath, as opposed to music. 

Please express your interest at barrebasedunedin@gmail.com, or get in touch with us via Facebook