5 December 2016 / Information

Temporary Timetable Change

Summer is always a bit quieter at Barre Base while our students are away on break. So, we've decided to offer a reduced timetable over Christmas and New Year. Don't worry, all classes will still be available for you, and we will be spread across both locations!

Our silly-season schedules are usually saturated with work events, parties, and vacations – but sticking to our workout schedules (the best we can) ensures that our health and well-being doesn't suffer.

For most of us, we love barre because it makes us feel good – physically and mentally. If you can't make it to barre over this time, no worries. Get our for a 20 minute walk around the block with a friend or family member, or bust out a few barre moves using the bench or chair. You will feel better for it.

If you're in need of some motivation, get in touch. We can note down a few moves that you can do almost anywhere. 

Reduced Timetable

From the week starting December 12, classes will run:

Tuesday, 6pm (Barre Base), 7pm (Barre Base) - Kaikorai
Thursday, 6.15pm (Barre Base), 7.15pm (Barre Stretch) - Kaikorai
Saturday, 9am (Beginners Barre), 10am (Barre Base) - PE School


  • Our last class for the year will be Thursday, 22nd December.
  • Classes will commence again on Monday 9th of January.
  • Our full timetable commences February 6th.