23 July 2016 / Technique Tips

Technique Tip: Narrow V Plié

The Narrow V plié

The narrow V plié is a great way to work your quads, and your glutes. Here are a few technique tips to make sure that you are making the most out of this movement at your next barre class. 

When setting up, draw your feet close together. You are going to be doing this movement in a relevé position (relevé means to rise up onto the balls of your feet). With your feet, you create a narrow 'v' shape. Lock your heels together - they do not come apart as we move.

Take note of your posture here too. People tend to sway there back, and stick their tailbone out behind them. By doing this, you are placing a lot of stress onto your lower back. Think carefully here about keeping your spine straight by keeping a strong connection between your belly button and your pubic bone. Imagine there being a straight line past your neck, down your spine - to your tail bone, and then to the floor. This posture should be maintained as we begin to plié (bend, or squat). 

As we bend, we need to focus on our heels staying still in space. That is, the feet stay locked in place as we bend - we will want to drop our heels to make the movement easier, however if we do this, we take the work away from the thighs. 

At the bottom of our plié position, we are looking to create a small diamond window between the legs. Keep your plié fairly shallow. That way, you are keeping the work in your quads.

This movement can be easily practiced at home on the bench, and is a sure way to build strength through your quads. If you want to increase the 'burn' through your legs in this position, squeeze and contract your thighs and glutes to really add tension into the muscles.