24 September 2017 / Technique Tips

Technique Tip: Lunging

At Barre Base, we have a specific way that we like to teach a lunge. Lunges are seemingly simple, but when performed correctly they are extremely effective. Executing a lunge correctly will ensure best results and better safety for the joints.

In classes, lunges are performed by themselves, or as a foundation for other cardio-based movements. 

Here are a few ways you get the most out of the movement in your next class. 

  • At the bottom of our lunge, we’re looking to create a right angle. The front knee should always be in line with the heel, and the back hip in the with the knee.
  • You should feel the glutes of the front leg, and the quads of your back leg working together in this movement. 
  • As you drop into the lunge, drop the back knee down toward the floor. Watch that you're not lunging forward and back, rather, down and up.
  • The upper body again should remain steady. Focus on keeping your body tall and upright as you lunge down.
  • Shoulders should stay in line with the hips below, and the spine stays long.
  • Focus on core engagement. This goes hand in hand with maintaining a long spine. Keep the back of your neck long as you move.
  • Arms stay strong at shoulder height. Arms should be just in front of the body to avoid the chest leading (and in turn, the back swaying).

Lunges are extremely easy to practice at home, with or without a barre. Check out your technique in the mirror and make sure you're hitting those right angles!