5 June 2016 / Technique Tips

Technique tip: Donkey kicks

Donkey kicks at the barre are a great way to strengthen our glutes and hamstrings, as well as challenging the core to maintain pelvic stability. Here are a few tips to get the most out of the movement. 

To set up, take a fold forward over the barre, ensuring that your feet are stationed directly under your hips. Lift up one leg at a time, creating a right angle with the leg. Leading through your heel, drive your feet up in the direction of the ceiling.

Brace your tummy tight to minimise any swaying through your back. It is good to think about drawing your belly button toward your pubic bone, especially for those who have natural sway, or hyper-mobility in their spine. The work should be felt through your core, and through glutes and hamstrings.

This move can be easily practised at home. Focus on keeping your hips and shoulders square to the floor, and maintaining a neutral spine as you move.