30 May 2018 / Food

Quick and Easy Chicken Vege Stir-fry

Whether you like it or not, she is here. Winter is well and truly starting to settle in.

This means that it’s time for the almighty winter stir fry's to start hitting the dinner tables across New Zealand. Winter vegetables are now in great abundance and what better way to celebrate than a nourishing vege packed stir fry.

During the winter season is an important time to make sure that you’re eating an abundance of vegetables to help your immunity fight against those nasty winter colds. Buy colours, as many different coloured vegetables and fruits as you can to fill your plates. This means that you’re eating a great range of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

My kind of ‘superfoods’ aren’t those over-priced, sealed up powders, pills and mind-boggling concoctions that you find in ‘health food stores’.

That marketing has led many people to believe that in order to improve their health they must first purchase the latest supplement or ‘superfood’ powder to do so. My kind of superfoods are those found in your local fruit and vege shops or farmer's market. Vegetables.

Let's bring it back to basics. Let's bring it back to the food first approach and focus on eating whole foods the way that nature intended and the way that our grandparents knew.

This recipe uses a wide variety of veges and contains garlic, ginger, turmeric and chilli. This winning combination will get the nose running and support your immune system too. This recipe is so versatile, you can use any vegetables that you have in your fridge or whatever is available and in season.

I cook this recipe up every week and each time I do there’s a different combination of vegetables and you can even use tofu to replace the chicken if you are vegetarian, vegan or just like tofu!

I hope that you enjoy this recipe and make sure to tag me on Instagram in your yummy creations just tag me or #gabbypalmereats.

Stay warm!

Bon Appétit
Gabby Palmer xx

*Gluten Free
*Dairy Free
*Nut Free
*vegetarian/vegan options available


1T oil (for frying)
1 red onion, finely chopped
1/2 leek, finely sliced into rings
400-500g chicken thighs, cut into small chunks (or tofu)

1 small broccoli chopped into small florets
½ small red cabbage, finely sliced
2 capsicums, cut into chunks
2 carrots, cut into chunks
200g mushrooms, quartered
3 celery stalks, cut into chunks
1 cup edamame beans, defrosted
2 golden beetroot, cut into small chunks


4 garlic cloves, finely chopped/crushed
2 limes, squeezed for juice
¼ cup soy sauce (or tamari)
½ red chilli, finely diced
4cm bit ginger, fresh/frozen finely grated (roughly size of your thumb)
4cm bit turmeric root, fresh/frozen grated
1tsp tamarind paste


Heat the oil in a large wok or frying pan over medium heat and sauté the onion, leek and chicken until cooked and golden.

Prepare the sauce by combining all the ingredients in a bowl and stirring to combine.

Add all the chopped veges and the sauce to the frying pan and mix to cover everything in the sauce. Cook until the veges are finished cooking but still with a bit of crunch to them. Garnish with fresh parsley or coriander and serve.

*To serve 6 people you can also serve with rice to make the recipe go further or to save more portions for lunches the next day.