11 November 2018 / Food

Simple Peanut Butter and Chocolate Bliss Balls

This peanut butter and chocolate bliss ball recipe is courtesy of a great friend of mine, Flora Lira. She is truly the master of refined sugar-free treats. This recipe is super simple, which is what I love about it. 


14 dates (Medjools are best if you can find them)
3/4c almonds
2 T good quality peanut butter (we prefer crunchy)
1 T cacao
1 or 2 T of organic brown rice syrup (it depends on how sweet you like it and how your balls are coming together)


- It's best to blend your bliss balls progressively. That way you maintain the crunch of the almonds, but allow the dates to blend up enough to hold the balls together.
- blend dates first. If you have used standard dates, it's good to soak these in water for 10 minutes. Drain these before popping into the food processor.
- add almonds and blend until the two ingredients begin to bind. You want to keep the almonds crunchy though
- add remaining ingredients. Keep pulsing until you see a nice crunchy mixture.
- Press into small balls, and keep in fridge or freezer

If you want to get extra fancy, you could roll in chopped peanuts or a dusting of cacao!

peanut choc bliss balls