8 April 2015 / Diet

Limiting refined sugar

Despite relaxing over the Easter weekend, my body felt more tired than it had in a while today and I couldn't help but think this fatigue is most likely related to the influx of sugar from those Easter eggs!

Rosa and I are all about balance here at Barre Base but moderation of your sugar intake is so important when considering your health.

Excess sugar causes stress on the adrenal glands and the pancreas, both a part of our endocrine system which regulates our bodily functions.
When these glands become stressed their production of hormones becomes disrupted which in turn can have profound effects on the body such as fatigue, decreased vitality and more.

It's important to be mindful of how much refined sugar is in your daily diet, if you don't want to omit it for life, limit it to special occasions and make sure you are leading a healthy lifestyle with nutritious, whole foods and daily exercise.

Pictured here is some homemade chocolate that is refined sugar free and offers benefits such as healthy fats and multiple minerals and vitamins.

Make it your goal to reduce your sugar intake this week and see how you feel!