17 September 2018 / Classes

Introducing our new class, Barre Burn

From Thursday 18th of October, we will be introducing a brand new class to our schedule, Barre Burn.

Barre Burn will take a strong focus on directly targeting the glutes and core. The class will focus on accessory exercises that will strengthen and tone and glutes and core in a holistic way. Think lots of work on the mat!

All classes at our studio are hugely focussed on strengthing your deep core through every movement by ensuring strong and safe postures, however, we all know how much you love to feel that extra burn.

Barre Burn will be a 45-minute class, run on Thursday's at 12.15pm with Mikey.

Mikey has taught core-centric classes in the past, so has plenty of moves in his repertoire. We've been working hard to create more options for you throughout the week, so you can mix up your training here in the studio. We cannot wait to get this off the ground and hear what you have to say about it.

Please note, this class is not recommended for women who have just had children or who're suffering from issues such as diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction. If you have had children, or think you might suffer some pelvic floor dysfunction, Anastasia is the lady to see. Never push yourself until you're ready as you can make your core weaker, and that is not what we want!

Get along and try Barre Burn from October 18th!