8 January 2018 / Information

Get to know Barre Base Teacher, Georgia O'Malley

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in Queenstown, the adventure capital of NZ, so I had a very active and adventurous childhood — which I absolutely loved. We had everything right at our doorstep and I was lucky enough to have the freedom and opportunities to get out and enjoy as many different things as I could. 
Dad would take us jet-boating up the rivers and teach us how to drive the boat. We’d go camping and water-skiing and on beautiful big walks in the summer, as a family. In the winter, we would be up the mountain with every chance we had and we were so lucky to only live 2 minutes from the base of the Coronet Peak Ski Field.

Rabbit shooting, tramping, bike rides… it was all go!

What are your favourite activities and sports?

I love to dance! That would be my number one favourite activity having spent my whole life, to date, grooving away. I’ve completed many Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Ballet exams over the years and have had some incredible experiences away at dance workshops and competitions. 

I’ve also played netball for many years through school. I’ve great memories playing the game and have always loved the sense of comradery and support that comes with playing a team sport.

What do you love about barre?

What I really love about Barre is how it is an expressive way of exercising. Being able to focus on perfecting technique and adding a bit of dance flair to the movements is what gives it an edge over other forms of exercise. Barre is all about utilising your body in the most optimal way, and it’s about the quality of your movements as opposed to absolutely flogging your body. It’s the attention to detail that I love about Barre fitness and as a dancer I love that I can add a little bit of expression into the way I workout.

What's the best thing about being a fitness instructor?

I find it absolutely exhilarating taking a barre class. The energy in the room is so infectious; the music going, heart rates lifted and everyone is looking so focused and determined. It’s something really unique and rewarding to be a part of. I love instructing barre in the sense that I get to lead people through such a dynamic and interesting hour of exercise. I feel really proud of the syllabus we teach and I love being able to share it with all sorts of people. I have found instructing to be a gold mine of new knowledge and it excites me that there is always new things to learn and to master and to create.

Favourite move at the barre?

My favourite move at the barre has got to be the wide plies. This plie targets and strengthens so many areas simultaneously; the quads, hamstrings, glutes and core, increasing mobility in the hip flexors and groin. It’s a position that you can really challenge and work on, and in time you will always notice improvements. It’s the great base movement of barre fitness. Simple yet challenging.