20 December 2017 / Classes

Get to know Barre Base teacher, Caoimhe Finn

Meet Barre Base Teacher, Caoimhe Finn.

Hi, I'm Caoimhe (Queeva). I have been teaching and working with Barre Base since August 2017. I moved here from Ireland nearly 2 years ago with my partner William. During the day I work in a part of the Dunedin School of Medicine organising rural and GP placements for the medical students. I studied a BA English and Drama at Uni in Ireland and gained my Masters in Drama and Performance after that.

This is my first time teaching a barre class but I have been involved in teaching dance and choreographing for a long time.

I started ballet at the age of three, and from there I started Jazz and Tap. I went to a wonderful school at home called Wexford School of Ballet and Performing Arts. My teachers there had such passion and love for dance which was infectious for all of us students. I completed all my Ballet RAD Exams and Jazz ISTD exams. When I went to Uni – I got really involved in the Dance Society, I was Dance Captain of our Fusion Crew (which was focused on training Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary Dance). In my second year, I became the main choreographer for Fusion for a number of years – many of my dances winning Ireland Titles.

Where did you Grow up?

I grew up in a town in the South East of Ireland called Wexford. I spent all of my childhood and teenage years there and then moved to Dublin for a number of years for Uni and to work. Wexford is a beautiful town that has a worldwide famous Opera Festival every year – with that comes a vibrant and exciting arts scene which is where my love for dance and the stage grew.

What are you favourite activities/sports?

Growing up I was never a sporty person – it was always Ballet Ballet Ballet for me. However, as I have become older being fit and healthy has increased my interest in new activities. I have always enjoyed going to the gym but since moving to New Zealand I have become a real Crossfit fanatic! The weightlifting, cardio, and technical skill all combined gives you a new challenge every workout. Alongside that I do enjoy going running – I am no means fast and can’t run very long distances but it’s the buzz afterwards that gets me. I always feel so energised after a run.

What do you do for fun?

Is it too cheesy if I say barre? I have been very fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to teach and do something I love. I honestly come to class for fun whether to teach or just to get a really good burn (Thanks, Rosa!) It is really true – they say if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life – so I guess I go to work for fun!? 
But I do do other things besides barre. I love to eat out!

I am not the most fantastic of cooks so it is always a big treat and relief (for William) to reward ourselves to a nice brunch or dinner at the weekend after a long week of work and eating healthy. We like to think of ourselves as foodies (but I think that’s a bit ambitious). After that, I love catching up and hanging out with some friends or even relaxing in front of a good series on Netflix!

What do you love about barre?

For me, it’s a connection with ballet and dance I have never had to give up! With working full time I find I don’t have a chance to dance and choreograph like I used to – so for me barre is keeping that connection to dance alive!

What is the most rewarding part of being a fitness instructor?

I think it is seeing your clients grow more confident. You see people in class getting stronger and stronger with their movements as the weeks go by. Some women (and men) started coming to class when I started teaching first and I can see them developing and needing less and less correction as the weeks go by. You see clients becoming more aware of that mind-to-muscle connection which they may never have noticed before. That is really awesome to see.

The other thing is the energy that all our clients give off – it's very hard to describe! You can feel people working hard and giving it their all in class and after each class, the room is just bursting with positive energy and happy endorphins! I always leave on such a high after teaching!

Favourite move at the barre and why?

Oooh. I think it would have to be Narrow V’s. For me I find every tiny little muscle in my body is working – it’s not just legs! Feet, legs, glutes, tummy, back and pelvic floor are all working together to challenge you. I also love the shakes that you get... I think that’s when you know you have done a good round of Narrow V’s!