27 April 2015 / Nutrition

'Crowding out' bad choices

Eating well isn't hard! We have both been very inspired recently by a post that Luke Sharp @sharpperformance released a few months back that stressed, when it came to eating well, to just override crap food with lots of healthy, nutritious food!

You don't have to restrict and starve yourself, just replace and 'crowd out' the bad food with good choices!

We think it is a great way to think about food, and coming into winter, where we often want to reach for 'comfort food', we will be employing this strategy.

We have spent the weekend preparing meals for the coming week, so that on those busier evenings we have healthy food choices to come home to!

Today's preperation included roasting beetroot (and keeping this in the fridge for easy salad ideas), cooking and freezing broccoli soup, toasting homemade muesli for breakfast, and cutting up veges for an easy 10 minute stiry fry!

So, this winter, crowd out the fridge with healthy, seasonal produce and make sure that is always your first choice! Then, if you feel like you still need a sweet treat, go for it!

But try and fill up on the good stuff first!