29 May 2016 / Inspo

Benefits of Barre Base

People often ask us who our classes are for. There is a big misconception that barre classes are 'dance classes'. We can assure you that they are not. Barre Base combines yoga, pilates, and strength-conditioning exercises holding onto a ballet barre. Barre promotes strength, flexibility, and moving with correct posture.  

Our classes attract all sorts of people; from young teenagers, to athletes who are struggling to keep flexible and mobile, to desk-sitters, and to older clients who understand the importance of moving in the later years of life. 

Paul is one of our active members, who enjoys surfing and keeping physically fit. Here is what he has to say about Barre Base. 

'I started doing Barre Base because I was sick of being kept out of the surf by injuries and back pain sustained in more traditional style gym classes. Over the four or so months I’ve been doing the classes, it's been a completely different story. I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my core strength, I’m more flexible and even my balance is better' - Paul Hankinson