19 April 2018 / Information

Our new studio

We are slowly but surely getting settled into our new studio at 7 Crawford Street. We still have a way to go until it's perfect, but good things take time.

The best thing about being in our own space is that we're able to offer you more options. 

Here's a rundown!

A more extensive timetable

We now have 16 classes on our timetable, and 6 class types  Beginners Barre, Barre Base, Barre Sweat, Stretch and Lengthen, Yoga Barre and Sunday Self Care. 

View our full timetable here!

Our Barre Base Membership grants you access to an unlimited number of classes per week ($25 per week for 12 months, and $28 per week for 6 months). This is great if you're keen to attend 2+ barre classes per week, or if you want to make Barre Base your main  like many of our clients now are.

If you're an irregular barre attendee, we still offer our concession card options or one-off payments.

Corporate and Private sessions

Barre Base offers private and corporate barre sessions. Whether your team needs to have a laugh, relax, sweat or just get up out of the desk, we can cater to your needs. Private sessions are also available if you require further assistance with technique, or yourself and a few friends prefer a boutique workout at a time that suits you.

Get in touch if you’re interested in organising a private barre, stretch or yoga session.

Restore Your Core - Private sessions

Barre Base is now offering a service for postpartum women to restore their core and move with more strength, ease and confidence in their everyday lives. Sessions are led by yoga instructor and birth doula Anastasia Smith. They include a focus on retraining the brain-core connection, breathing effectively for core mobilization, and building serious strength to hold you up. We’ll use many exercises that you’ll already recognize from Barre Base classes but with a more directed emphasis on women’s health. These classes are catered to your individual needs and goals. $75 per hour session.

Restore Your Core - Workshops

If you're looking to learn more about building strength postpartum but aren't quite ready for a 1:1 session, stay tuned for our deep core and pelvic floor workshops. These workshops are designed for postpartum women but are welcome to anyone seeking to improve core stability regardless of gender or motherhood status. Together, we'll work through barre movements and breath-core activation that will increase body-confidence and strength.

Stay tuned for workshop dates

If there is anything you'd like to learn or know more about, let us know and we will endeavour to create workshops or sessions around your needs. Or perhaps if you're a specialist who would like to use our space to host an event or workshop with our clients, please get in touch.