10 February 2017 / Classes

Barre Base mobility classes

Barre Base Stretch and Mobility classes

Barre Base offers two mobility-based classes per week.
These classes are for those who want to spend more time focussing purely on mobility, improving posture, increasing their range of motion and feeling more comfortable in their bodies. 

Monday 7pm: Stretch and Lengthen with Anastasia. 

This is an hour of self-care through deep stretching, breath and myofascial release. In this class, we'll use yoga principles to combine stretching with breath and mindfulness in order to most effectively stretch overworked or chronically tight muscles. Maintain your body's youthfulness, prevent injury and relieve stress with this explorative and relaxing class. 

Anastasia Smith holds a Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification from the Triad Yoga Institute, where she studied Iyengar-style, alignment-based yoga. She is in the second generation of yoga teachers in her family and is passionate about dance, fitness and movement. She is trained as a professional birth doula, and prenatal yoga instructor and particularly enjoys working with women to build strong, well bodies during the childbearing years.

Thursday 7.15pm: Barre Stretch with Rosa and Tamzin.

Barre Stretch is a 45-minute class focusing purely on mobility and flexibility. Barre Stretch focuses on dynamic stretching, which is the process of actively moving your body through a safe, full range of motion with the intent of improving the joint's functional capacity for movement! Therefore, we continue to move between stretches to ensure the body stays warm to aid mobility.
barre mobility classes

Our mobility classes are very complimentary to many other sports and recreational hobbies, as the classes help you to increase your mobility and flexibility, decreasing the risk of injury. Stretching enables your body to recognise 'correct' posture by lengthening tight muscles that pull areas of the body away from their intended position. Stretching also increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles, thereby assisting in reducing muscle soreness!
Who are our mobility classes for?

Our mobility classes cater to athletes wanting to increase their mobility, but also to those who may lead a more sedentary lifestyle due to their jobs or certain circumstances! Many of our regulars, from all classes, have noticed improvements in their flexibility within weeks of coming to classes, which they have said has helped with many day-to-day activities around the house, and at the gym or in their running, and even simply, with their self-confidence! 
Both classes are low impact and are perfect for the fitness fanatic, or for those who are just getting kick-started in their movement journey. Classes are mixed-level, but there are always options to advance stretches when required.