16 May 2017 / Information

Barre Base is moving

After two and half years of renting out of the trusty Kaikorai Hall, and PE School buildings, we're moving!

We're beyond excited to show you our new studio, at 123 Vogel Street.

We will be sharing the studio with Jarrod Scott and Amy Tyson of Vogel Street Physio & Pilates. The barres and mirrors are in, and now it's just time to fill our new space with life!

Here's the lowdown.

The new studio

  • From June 1, all classes will run from our new studio at 123 Vogel Street. The studio is on the first floor, to your left (suite 3).

  • Class sizes will stay the same, but as always, we encourage bookings just so we can be prepared for your arrival! 

  • The room is carpeted, but we will provide mats for underfoot. Please feel free to bring your own mat along too if you prefer. 

  • There is plenty of free parking on Vogel Street and $1/hour parks close by if you do strike a busier time. 


  • We've always worked hard to keep our prices as reasonable as possible (bearing in mind most barre classes around Australasia are close to $30 per session!). After over two years in business, and with the shift to our new studio, we have to reevaluate this.

  • From June 1, prices will be as follows:
    Casual rate: Non-student $15, student $13.
    Concession cards: Non-student $120, student $100.

Nb: concession cards purchased prior to this date will still be valid once we shift. Plus, we're giving everybody the chance to buy one last concession card at our old rate before June 10th. 

We hope you understand our reasons behind this change. We want to provide the best possible service to you all, and we're going to be able to better serve you from our new studio. 


New classes (this is where we need you)

  • From June, we will be adding a Friday morning session to our timetable, 9.30am.

  • Now, this is where we need you. Being in our own space gives us much more flexibility, so, we're putting this on you. What classes and times do you want to see on our new timetable? Get in touch with us and let us know! 


We're pretty proud that after two years, we're able to shift into a permanent studio space. Thank you all so much for your support. Barre Base would not exist without you all.