11 April 2015 / Information

Barre: A complimentary exercise

Since starting the Barre Base classes in February, we have both noticed how well our muscles have been functioning in many of our other physical pursuits.

An example of this is how we feel when we are running.

Throughout the class we often talk about how we need to train our muscles to bear our weight, rather than allowing the force to ‘hit’ our joints. Many of our tracks are designed to build muscle and strength around these major joints, to better prevent injuries.

We have noticed significant improvements in our running strides since starting up the classes.

Our strides feel more  controlled, and we are feeling little to no pressure in our knees and ankles which we had both previously experienced. The major difference we have felt is the increased control we have when running downhill, when there is that extra gravitational pull. Our muscles are better able to ‘cushion the blow’ and function to absorb the shock, and and our joints are seriously thanking us!

Barre classes compliment many other sports and physical pursuits as you are building strength and flexibility simultaneously, which prevents joint and muscle stiffness and in turn helps ward off injuries.