25 November 2016 / Information

Another year at Barre Base

What a year

Although it's not over yet, we're taking this time to reflect on yet another rewarding year at Barre Base. 

We started off in February 2015, knowing that we wanted to offer everyday people some of the many benefits of dancing that we had experienced growing up at the barre. Never did we imagine that two years in, we would be running classes for this many amazing people. 

Tamzin and I have both danced since we were babies... Tamzin being a ballerina, and myself being strictly a Jazz dancer (I was a rugby-playing tomboy and didn't quite have the light-footedness required of a ballerina). But I loved to move. 

Dancing is inspiring, demanding, exhausting and exciting all at once. We love that we're able to carry our passion for dance and fitness over to a business. If we can help it, we will never stop dancing. 

Barre is the perfect combination of our backgrounds, and our current love of health and fitness. Barre is exciting as it allows everyday people to experience the physical benefits of dance; improving strength, flexibility, posture and grace – all qualities that are vital for us to move freely and happily in everyday life. 

As our regulars will know, barre offers more than just physical benefits. Barre is energising, it helps improve self-esteem, it's social and it can help people deal with stress. I for one have never slept as well as I have in the last two years, and I credit that to barre.  

Tamzin and I love that we're continually meeting Dunedin locals. Never did we think we would get to know so many lovely and engaging people, from all walks of life. Exercise brings people together... as does business. At Barre Base we've met students, doctors, scholars, writers, mothers, fathers and friends. We're constantly humbled at the support and friendship that we receive through our classes. 

We love what we do, and it's because of you.

We have many exciting things in the pipeline for 2017, including Barre Base classes opening in Queenstown, and a location shift on the horizon. 

We're launching into our third year with more energy than ever, so we hope you will be here for the ride!