6 May 2019 / Information

Farewell Anastasia

We're sad to announce, yet immensely proud, that Anastasia is heading to Yale to pursue her love of women's health.

I first met Anastasia three years ago when she became a student at the studio. Very quickly Anastasia became a teacher at Barre Base and has spread her love and passion for women's health and yoga with our community.

I know we can all agree that Anastasia is a fantastic teacher. What strikes me the most is her dedication to her teaching. She truly puts her heart and soul into every session, and every word she speaks as she guides a class. Anastasia embodies selflessness. She gets a buzz from sharing her knowledge with her students, but also us as teaching staff. I know I speak on behalf of everyone when I say how grateful we are for this knowledge. 

Anastasia is off to pursue her passion and talents at Yale, which is a testament to her skill, discipline and dedication. I am so proud and happy for you, Anastasia. 

Anastasia's departure is undoubtedly going to leave a huge hole in our hearts here at Barre Base, but it's my promise to our students (and to you Anastasia) that we will continue taking gentle care of ourselves with stretch, breath and self-care. The BB crew will do our absolute best to continue to share your love and passion for self-care with the students at Barre Base too. 

From all of us  thank you. We love you to bits and will miss you dearly. Thank you for years of friendship, which will continue from across the world. How lucky are we all to know such treasured friends all across the world. We will be visiting, and I know you will be back to your beloved Dunedin in time.

Here are some words from the wordsmith herself. Make sure to send your love, thanks and well-wishes to Anastasia over the next 8 weeks. She will be leaving to the USA at the start of July. 

All my love and thanks, Anna.

Rosa and the BB team. 


Dear Barre Base Family:

What a journey we’ve had together!

First, like you, I was a student in Barre Base classes doing my plies and t-shapes every Saturday morning at the University PE School. Then, in summer of 2017, I began teaching Stretch and Lengthen on Monday nights. Week after week, you did the spinal awakening series with me, laughed at my stretching jokes, and kept coming back. At that time, I dreamed of putting together a yoga class that fused vinyasa flow with barre strengthening exercises. And so, on a Thursday night at our old studio on 123 Vogel Street, Barre Base Yoga Barre was born.

So many of you had never done yoga before, but you impressed me by coming along and keeping your hearts and minds open through all the warriors and sitar music. By the time we added Self Care Sunday to the timetable, Barre Base had its own studio on 7 Crawford Street and many of you were yoga converts happily breathing and stretching the hours away.

As you may have suspected from hearing me ramble on about pelvic floors these years, my professional passion has always been in the field of women’s health. Working with many of you--men and women both--guiding you to find ease and strength in your bodies has now propelled me forward in this field. In July, I will return to the United States to begin a program at Yale University School of Nursing to become a nurse midwife and a nurse specialist in women’s health.

The community that surrounds Barre Base is remarkably kind and vibrant, and I will carry your energy with me as I embark on the next piece of my journey. I have no doubt that this energy--the spirit of the community here--will be vital to sustaining me during some of the immense challenges to come. Likewise, I know that the magic of Barre Base will continue long after I depart. It was this magic, after all, that drew me to those Saturday morning classes at the PE School almost three years ago.

I love hugs, and I do hope you’ll give me a few this month before I leave. Come ask me questions and give me requests for the classes we’ll share together before my departure. Most of all, thank you for welcoming me into your energetic and loving extended family for these last few years.

Take gentle care,