11 January 2016 / Classes

Advanced class

If you are starting to become familiar with our tracks and comfortable with the barre technique and method, you can now take your body a little further in our advanced class!

The class includes different options to cater to different fitness levels, and there are still opportunities for you to rest if need be!

In the advanced class, we spend less time explaining the movements and relative technique between tracks, and expect that you can follow as we go. Therefore, the class has a faster pace which keeps the heart racing! We aim to include 1-2 jump tracks in a class, and include high-intensity movements such as mountain climbers to add an extra 'cardio' element. The class also requires a slightly more advanced level of dance technique, therefore the tracks demand a good awareness of your body in space.

The class employs more advanced stretching, and yoga poses, however again, we always offer those easier options throughout for those who want to take them!

So who is this class for?

Advanced barre class is for those who may have had dance experience in the past, or for those who have become comfortable in our regular class, and are looking to be further challenged. This is a sweaty class that includes high-intensity interval training to burn calories and further challenge the body, so bring a water bottle!