24 November 2019 / Information

2020 Membership Sale

Like last year, Barre Base is offering a membership sale for 2020. Here's what you need to know!

2020 Membership Outline

  • 1k for a full year pass
  • For classes between January-December 2020 only
  • Must be paid in full
  • No pauses like our usual 12, 6 and 3-Month memberships
  • Access to all classes on our schedule and special rates for workshops
  • Can be purchased by those on existing membership terms if arranged

This membership gives you unlimited access to all of our classes throughout the year, including special rates on workshops and events that we run over the year. With such a diverse timetable, it's easy to make the most of your membership. From stretch and self-care to our standard fiery barre classes, our timetable has something for every level. 

This deal can be purchased until the end of January, but the sooner in January you begin, the more classes you will be able to squeeze in over the year.

Please email hello@barrebase.co.nz if you would like more information on purchasing this.

Our classes

Barre Base (The Original Barre Workout)
Barre Base fuses ballet barre (French for 'bar') conditioning exercises with Pilates, yoga, and functional, body-weight training. Although the classes are based on dance movement, dance experience isn't a necessity to take part in the classes at all. Each person can be challenged at his or her own level without affecting anyone else’s workout. The moves are low impact but include high-intensity intervals, bodyweight strength work, followed by stretching. Also comes in a 45 Express format throughout the week.

Who is this class for?
This class is suitable for anybody. There are plenty of levelled options for beginners, but plenty of opportunities to push yourself if you're ready.

Beginner's Barre
In Beginner's Barre, our teachers take the time to break down each movement and the technique required to execute the movements safely and effectively. We always recommend people to try Beginner's Barre first, as it's a great foundation class. The tracks are slow and repetitive, so you really have time to feel the heat build in your body.

For those who are looking for a slower-paced class, but still want to feel the benefits of body-weight training at the barre, Beginners Barre is for you.

Who is this class for?
This class is suitable for those who are new to barre classes, or for those who prefer controlled and composed conditioning movements. This class is still challenging, however, it is easy to follow due to its slower pace.

Barre Sweat
High-intensity interval training at the barre. Barre Sweat is a step up from our regular Barre Base class and is a great way to apply the technique you've been working hard on in your regular classes, to higher-intensity movements. The class is still low-impact but is designed to get the heart racing. (Intermediate-Advanced).

Who is this class for?
This class is designed for those our clients who are ready to take the next step with their barre fitness! It's more cardio-based, but still works through the basic movements you will find in our usual Barre Base class.

Gentle Barre
Gentle Barre is a combination of barre strengthening work with stretch. The class weaves stretching, breathing and self-care into your favourite barre moves. We take a slow and steady approach to our barre movements, with fewer repetitions and more time for working on mobility and mindfulness.

Who is this class for?
This class is perfect if you're new to barre strength training, or your body just craves a more gentle approach.

Stretch and Lengthen
An hour of self-care through deep stretching, breath and myofascial release, this class uses yoga principles to combine stretching with breath and mindfulness in order to effectively stretch overworked or chronically tight muscles. Maintain your body's youthfulness, prevent injury and relieve stress with this explorative and relaxing class.

Who is this class for?
Stretch and Lengthen caters to athletes wanting to increase their mobility, and those who may lead a more sedentary lifestyle due to their work or certain circumstances! Many of our regulars, from all classes, have noticed improvements in their flexibility within weeks of coming to classes, which they have said has helped with many day to day activities around the house, and at the gym or in their running, and even simply, with their self-confidence!

Yoga Barre
We introduced Yoga Barre to the studio to encourage more upper-body strength work, mobility, and increasing our range of motion. The ballet barre is also a fantastic tool to help us stay balanced as we move in and out of yoga flows.

This class combines barre moves for your upper body, thighs and glutes with athletic, vinyasa-style yoga for flexibility, balance and energy. With a combined focus on mindfulness and strength, we work on toning your deep core while keeping your mind focused and relaxed.

Who is this class for?
This class is yoga-based and will introduce you to vinyasa-style yoga. There are no prerequisites and all levels are welcome. This class is hugely complementary to your standard barre classes and has a greater focus on the upper body through the flow sequences.

Vinyasa Flow
We recently introduced a classic Vinyasa Flow class away from the ballet barre. As our clients grow stronger and more confident in yoga-based movement, we want to encourage them to take their practice to another level and further explore their strength and mindfulness. Vinyasa Flow offers this challenge. This class is constructed around surya namaskar sun salutation flows that are designed to energise and wake up your body. This class is designed to build heat in the body, with a strong focus on simultaneously gaining strength and mobility.

This class will be faster-paced than our Yoga Barre and evening yoga/stretching classes and is designed to get your blood flowing. The barre will not be involved in this class, further challenging your balance and posture.

Who is this class for?
This is an intermediate+ level yoga class, however, we still offer levels and regressions to clients who need to take a step back.

Self Care Sunday
In Self Care Sunday, we take the time to tune into the body at the end of the week. Finish your week with 60 minutes of barre, yoga flow, and stretch in the ultimate combination of strength-building and relaxation. Every class moves through barre sequences followed by breath-centred yoga flow and finishes with deep stretching, self-massage, and guided rest.

Learn body awareness and take the time to notice how your body is moving in space. This foundational class sets up our clients for the week to come.

Who is this class for?
All levels welcome. A combination of Yoga Barre, stretch and relaxation.