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Barre Base fuses elements of ballet barre (French for 'bar') conditioning exercises with pilates, yoga, and functional, body-weight training. Barre Base was established in Dunedin in 2014. Since then, we've watched our clients grow from strength to strength. It's so rewarding to see our community become stronger, more flexible, and to gain increased body awareness and composure through our classes.

Caoimhe Finn Barre Base
Barre Base Instructor

Caoimhe Finn

Armed with an MA in Drama and Performance, Caoimhe has over 20 years of dance training under her belt – from classical ballet to Jazz, contemporary, tap and hip-hop. On top of her interest in dance, she’s a huge lover of health and fitness. She runs and attends Crossfit classes most days, on top of being a barre regular.

She’s a natural performer – so she’s the perfect person to inspire you all to lengthen your legs and point your toes! With dance being such a physical art form, fitness and conditioning are vital to ensure performances can be executed with technical precision and with power. This passion has transferred into her lifestyle. Her opinion is that health and fitness regimes are vital in creating a better and stronger you.

Caoimhe believes that your health is your wealth and therefore needs daily nourishment and encouragement.

Anastasia Smith Barre Base
Stretch and Yoga Barre Teacher

Anastasia Smith

Anastasia brings a wealth of knowledge to our Barre Base team. She holds a Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification from the Triad Yoga Institute, where she studied Iyengar-style, alignment-based yoga. She is in the second generation of yoga teachers in her family and is passionate about dance, fitness, and movement. She is trained as a professional birth doula, and prenatal yoga instructor and particularly enjoys working with women to build strong, well bodies during the childbearing years.

Anastasia is our stretch and mobility expert, and also runs a Barre Yoga class – combining yoga asana with the assistance of the ballet barre.

Armed with years of experience and a fantastic sense of humour, her classes are not to be missed!

Georgia O'Malley Barre Base
Barre Base Instructor

Georgia O'Malley

Georgia O'Malley is an extremely talented dancer and netball player who has a passion for wellness. A scholarship level dancer, Georgia has a beautiful dance quality that she brings to her barre fitness classes.

Georgia finds barre to be an expressive way of exercising. She loves being able to focus on perfecting technique and adding a touch of dance flair to the movements, and for Georgia, this is what gives barre an edge over other forms of exercise.

Phoebe Begg Barre Base
Barre Base and Yoga Barre Instructor

Phoebe Begg

Phoebe grew up dancing here in Dunedin and gained her Advanced Diploma in classical ballet and contemporary dance after 3 years at the National Theatre Ballet School in Melbourne. Phoebe then went on to dance professionally in Singapore and Thailand in 2011 and 2012. A love for fitness, Phoebe was a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for four years in London, teaching a range of different classes from legs, bums and tums to spin to athletic fitness to core classes and even a trampoline class!

She attained her Yoga Alliance 200hr certificate in Bali in 2015, where she trained in the basics of Vinyasa Krama and studied the philosophical and historical roots of yoga.

Mikey Gudgeon Barre Base
Barre Base Instructor

Mikey Gudgeon

Mikey is hugely experienced in both dance and the fitness industry. He is in his second year of Physiotherapy, giving him an edge with his teaching through his understanding of the body and biomechanics.

Mikey started dancing at 8 as a highland dancer, competing both locally and nationally up till the age of 18. He then trained full time in classical ballet in his hometown Christchurch, before moving to Wellington to study contemporary dance at the New Zealand School of Dance.

Mikey has danced professionally for Java Dance Theatre, Footnote Dance, World of Wearable Arts and Black Grace. He also worked part-time as a group fitness instructor at Cityfitness teaching ‘Centergy’ (yoga based) and ‘Core’ fitness classes.

Rosa Anderson Jones Barre Base
Studio Owner, Barre Base Instructor

Rosa Anderson - Jones

Rosa has been dancing for over 20 years, focusing mainly in Modern Jazz and Contemporary styles. In 2008 Rosa received her NZAMD teaching qualifications through her Elementary jazz examination. In 2013, Rosa gained her Solo Seal Diploma in Modern Jazz, and is currently working towards her Solo Seal Diploma in the NZAMD contemporary syllabus.

Rosa has a passion for teaching and encouraging people to move with strength and freedom. Alongside her passion for fitness and dance, she strongly advocates for the use of organic, local, healthy and nourishing food to better fuel the body.