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Both Rosa Anderson - Jones and Tamzin Motion have danced for over 20 years, receiving NZAMD (New Zealand Academy of Modern Dance) teaching qualifications for Modern Jazz and Ballet. Rosa and Tamzin share a passion for health and fitness and wish to share their interests with the wider Dunedin community. Alongside their passion for fitness and dance, they both strongly advocate for the use of organic, local, healthy and nourishing food to better fuel the body.

Co-Owner, and Barre Base Instructor

Rosa Anderson - Jones

Rosa has been dancing for 18 years, focusing mainly in modern jazz and contemporary styles. In 2008 Rosa received her NZAMD teaching qualifications through her Elementary jazz examination. In 2013, Rosa gained her Solo Seal Diploma in Modern Jazz, and is currently working towards her Solo Seal Diploma in the NZAMD contemporary syllabus. Rosa has been teaching Jazz at the Elizabeth Adams School of Dance for over three years. She has a passion for healthy food and cooking to compliment her active lifestyle.

Co-Owner, and Barre Base Instructor

Tamzin Motion

Tamzin has been dancing for 18 years. Initially beginning with ballet then branching out into modern jazz dance and hip-hop, she has completed her dance grades, earning her a teaching qualification through elementary jazz. Tamzin danced with the Otago Dancers from 2012 to 2014 where she danced for sports teams including the Otago Nuggets, Highlanders, Otago Volts and the NZ Breakers. Alongside dancing, Tamzin developed an interest in exercise and fitness outside of dance and how much it aided her dancing. As a nutrition student at Otago University, Tamzin understands how important a healthy lifestyle is that includes decent nutrition and exercise.